K-Pop Star From Wanna One Reveals He Was Bullied in School For Being ‘Ugly’

K-Pop Star From Wanna One Reveals He Was Bullied in School For Being ‘Ugly’
Kyle Encina
September 6, 2017
Wanna One member Kang Daniel cheered up a bullied fan by sharing his own experience of being a victim of bullying. Daniel comforted the 17-year-old girl after hearing her horrible experience with bullies during the “Hello Counselor” segment of KBS 2TV.
The girl revealed that she was constantly tormented by her sister due to her looks; as she became more emotional, Daniel came to her rescue just as she was starting to feel too embarrassed. The Wanna One member revealed that he, too, had been bullied because of his looks.
Daniel shared that he had dealt with being “bullied badly” as early as elementary school, according to Allkpop. However, the K-pop star managed to overcome the bullying by becoming optimistic and by focusing on his own talents and capabilities instead.
The Wanna One member tried to build his confidence by telling himself, “I might be uglier than the others but I’m a better singer and dancer than them, I just need to do well on stage,” he said.
“Ultimately, self-esteem derives from you,” the K-pop singer added.
Daniel advised the high-school girl to adopt this mentality, as it could help her combat self-esteem issues.
Despite the K-pop star’s startling revelation, fans might find it hard to fathom the idea of him being called ugly, given his good looks and bubbly personality. In fact, according to Soompi, Daniel has previously claimed that he was responsible for the K-pop group’s “sexiness and puppy-like cuteness.”
This isn’t the first time a K-Pop star has admitted to being bullied during a live broadcast; EXO member Kai has also revealed how he was bullied for his looks when he was younger, as people thought he was a girl.
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