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The Korean Vegan calls out racist comment about Korea eating dogs, faces backlash from more vegans

korean vegan

Joanne Molinaro, a vegan food blogger known as The Korean Vegan, has responded to a string of racist messages following her response to someone telling her to “get Korea to stop eating dogs.” 

The details: Molinaro received the message on Twitter on July 6, which she later shared on Instagram, in response to her video on how she went vegan. 

White-Owned Pho Restaurant That Tried to Trademark The Word ‘Pho’ Under Fire For ‘Vegan Pho’

A pho restaurant chain owned by Stephen and Juliette Wall in the U.K. went viral in 2013 for trademarking the word “pho” and attempting to sue a smaller Vietnamese business who used the word in their name.

Recently, the White-owned Vietnamese restaurant has come under fire again for their new menu, which includes carb-free courgette (zucchini) and butternut squash noodle pho, cauliflower “rice” bowls, and other vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Vegan Man Gets Annihilated By Asians After Saying Hot Pot Looks Like ‘Leftover Dishwater’ on Twitter

hot pot

An Australian musician has earned the collective ire of Asian netizens after dissing a popular Asian dish on social media.

“I Killed The Prom Queen” guitarist Jona Weinhofen recently posted an image of a Chinese hot pot on Twitter with the caption: “Meat eaters be like ‘vegan food looks and tastes gross’ And then eat something that looks like leftover dishwater.”

Science Discovers That Plants Know When They Are Being Eaten — And They Don’t Like It

There’s some news that vegans and vegetarians everywhere should know: Plants are smart enough to know when they are being eaten and take action to stop it because they obviously don’t want to die.

According to a 2014 study conducted by researchers at the University of Missouri, plants have the intelligence to feel the specific vibrations caused from pests eating them and react to ward off or kill them by releasing a mildly toxic chemical to stop them.