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Tony Hsieh’s family accuses his former assistant of manipulating, swindling the late billionaire

tony hsieh family accuses mimi pham

The family of late billionaire Tony Hsieh has accused his assistant Jennifer “Mimi” Pham of swindling the Zappos founder out of millions of dollars.

A grieving family’s response: Pham, who sued Tony’s estate for $93 million in February, is now facing a counterclaim from Tony’s father Richard and brother Andy that detailed how she allegedly looted the entrepreneur’s fortune through “manipulative” contracts, reported Daily Mail.

Tony Hsieh Faced Inner Battles Before His Death

tony hsieh

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has been admired for his commitment to “delivering happiness“ to others, but emerging reports have made it apparent that he may have had difficulty achieving it for himself. 

Soon after the beloved entrepreneur’s passing on Nov. 27, business and local communities paid tribute to his legacy. But along with the celebration of his achievements, also came news of his struggles with depression and alleged substance abuse.  

Tony Hsieh Was Trapped in Storage Unit During Fatal Fire, Died of Smoke Inhalation, Police Say

Tony Hsieh

Former Zappos CEO Anthony Hsieh was trapped inside a storage unit during a fire in a Connecticut home and later died as a result of complications due to accidental smoke inhalation, police revealed on Monday.

The New London Police Department confirmed that the 46-year-old entrepreneur was trapped inside a storage unit during a fire inside a house at 500 Pequot Ave., New London, Connecticut on Nov. 18, according to CT Post.

Visionary Entrepreneur Tony Hsieh Passes Away at 46

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to report that Tony Hsieh’s death has been ruled an accident on Monday.

Tony Hsieh, the entrepreneur known for selling Zappos to Amazon for $1.2 billion in 2009, passed away at 46 on Friday as the result of injuries he sustained in a Connecticut house fire. Hsieh was surrounded by family when he passed peacefully on Friday, according to CNN.

Millionaire Zappos Founder Uses Seduction Techniques to Grow His Downtown Project

The typical entrepreneur might think it’s smart to absorb business wisdom from the billionaires of the world (and it is), but for Tony Hsieh, founder and CEO of Zappos, it’s the seduction techniques commonly used by pickup artists that are helping him to grow his Downtown Project.

In a 2014 interview with Playboy, Hsieh explained how some of the techniques he’s been using to attract people to move to the Downtown Project, his Las Vegas-based entrepreneurial hub for small businesses and tech startups, are derived from books like Neil Strauss’s “The Game,” which Hsieh previously mentioned in a 2011 interview with the New York Times.

Why the Super Millionaire CEO of Zappos Lives in a $950-a-Month Trailer Home

Most CEOs live lavishly with expensive sports cars, private jets, beautiful models, and million-dollar homes, but the CEO for Zappos lives in a Las Vegas trailer park and enjoys spending his time with Marley, the community pet alpaca.

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has a net worth of $840 million but finds expensive living quarters too private for his liking. Instead, Hsieh lives in a comfortable 240-square-foot trailer home in downtown Las Vegas where he pays a whopping $950 a month for rent.

Zappos’ CEO is Worth $840 Million, But Lives in a Trailer Park

Tony Hsieh is not a poor guy. From selling his first startup, LinkExchange, to Microsoft for $265 million and his second one, Zappos, for $1.2 billion, the 41-year-old boasts a reported net worth of $840 million.

With that kind of money, Hsieh could pretty much live anywhere he chooses. However he decided to move out of his luxury apartment and move into a trailer park last year with his pet alpaca Marley.