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Meet China’s ‘chicken parents,’ a new cult of tiger moms on steroids

chicken parents are the new tiger moms

A new parenting culture in China that draws its name from a pseudo-medical treatment in the 1960s, in which people were injected with fresh chicken blood to stimulate energy, has taken “tiger parenting” to a whole new level.

“Jīwá” (“chicken baby”) parents, who start their day thinking about the advancement of their children, are fueling the country’s $120 billion private after-school tutoring industry, which some experts project to hit $155 billion by 2025, according to Reuters.

To My Asian Tiger Mom: I Finally Get Into Cambridge But I Am Broke

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Medium and reposted with permission.

Exactly two years ago, I wrote my first article in South China Morning Post, addressing my mental health issues caused, or deteriorated, by the experience of negative parenting. I then received two master’s degree offers from University College London, but my tiger Mom expressed her significant disappointment at my underachievement — where I failed to get any offer from Oxbridge.

Man Barely Escapes Insane ‘Get Out’ Date with Filipina Woman’s Crazy Family

Get Out

While bad dates are a common occurrence in the online dating world, this man’s experience was a horror story involving an entire Asian family.

Southern Californian bachelor Jona Nguyen shared his own tale which is reminiscent of “Get Out” with a Filipino parenting twist. In a post shared to Facebook group Subtle Asian Dating, Nguyen gave a very detailed account of his date with “Jewelia,” a girl he met online nearly a decade ago.

Chinese Mom Beats, Abandons Son on the Street for Not Getting 95% on Exam

A 12-year-old child from Luoyang in Henan China was left stranded in the street after being beaten by his mother for failing to get 95% on an exam.

The incident happened on February 22, when passers-by saw the mother beating the child on a Luoyang street. Concerned citizens immediately contacted the police when the woman left the boy on his own, the Daily Mail reported.

Is Your Asian Parent a Narcissist? Here Are 6 Classic Signs to Watch Out For

narcissist parent

It’s safe to say many Asian children don’t have very close relationships with their tiger parents.

The nature of stereotypical Asian parenting methods doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for the child to be able to express their creativity or talk about their emotions. As this continues into adulthood, they become less willing to confide in their parents or go to them for emotional support.

Answer These Questions and We’ll Tell You How Much of a Disappointment You Are to Your Asian Parents

asian disappointment

Asian parents have ridiculously high expectations. While our white pals are getting pats on their backs for getting B’s, we’re here crying over A-‘s. If you’ve ever wondered just how much of a disappointment you are to your tiger parents, we’ve got the answer right here.

Take this brutal quiz to find out exactly how much of a disappointment you’ve been to your family over the years.

‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua Suddenly Hospitalized for Undisclosed Illness, Will Miss Rest of Yale Semester

Amy Chua, author of the book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” and mother of Sophia Chua-Rubenfield, was reportedly hospitalized for undisclosed reason and may not return to teach her class this semester.

The 55-year-old Yale Law School professor’s hospitalization was so sudden that the school board decided to merge her section of contracts class with professor Ian Ayres’ class, according to Above the Law.

University Study Says That Tiger Parents May Turn Kids into Expert Liars

Tiger moms and dictator dads may think they are raising model citizens through their strict rules, but a recent study suggests that imposing a tough love approach may turn their children into expert liars.

A study conducted by social-cognitive development expert Victoria Talwar revealed that strict parenting often trains children to become capable deceivers, reports Independent.

Tiger Mom Amy Chua Makes Her Daughters Sign a Legal Contract to Live in Her NYC Apartment

The “Tiger Mother” is back at it again with her parenting advice and this time it involves a  “totally valid and legally enforceable” contract.

Amy Chua, a Yale University law professor, became famous for her controversial parenting tactics after she published them all in a bestselling book in 2011. Her “tiger mother standards” involved forcing her children to play musical instruments for hours a day, drilling them in math, forbidding sleepovers and definitely no dating.