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Hana Kimura’s Mother Disappointed After ‘Terrace House’ Cast Posts ‘Party’ Photo

Hana Kimura’s mother, former professional wrestler Kyoko Kimura, expressed disappointment after “Terrace House” cast members posted a picture showing them having a good time following Kimura’s apparent suicide in May.

The 43-year-old former wrestler was saddened and disappointed by the picture posted by Toshiyuki Niino on Twitter and Instagram on July 2, according to SoraNews24.

7 Japanese Things People Do in ‘Terrace House’ That May Puzzle Foreigners

“Terrace House” has been a hit show in Japan ever since it debuted on Fuji TV in 2012, but its success didn’t reach beyond Japan until 2015, when it premiered as a Netflix original. Since then, “Terrace House” has become an international hit spawning four more seasons along with a legion of fans.

The show has shown the world a much different style of reality TV compared to its American counterparts while giving foreigners a glimpse of Japanese society. While Japan is widely considered to be a globalized country, there are still many cultural quirks consistently displayed on screen that non-Japanese people could find puzzling. Here are seven we found: