Hana Kimura’s Mother Disappointed After ‘Terrace House’ Cast Posts ‘Party’ Photo

Hana Kimura’s Mother Disappointed After ‘Terrace House’ Cast Posts ‘Party’ PhotoHana Kimura’s Mother Disappointed After ‘Terrace House’ Cast Posts ‘Party’ Photo
Hana Kimura’s mother, former professional wrestler Kyoko Kimura, expressed disappointment after “Terrace House” cast members posted a picture showing them having a good time following Kimura’s apparent suicide in May.
The 43-year-old former wrestler was saddened and disappointed by the picture posted by Toshiyuki Niino on Twitter and Instagram on July 2, according to SoraNews24.
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Niino’s post also coincided with the sale of the latest issue of weekly magazine Shuukan Bunshun where Kyoko revealed some alleged behind-the-scenes happenings that resulted in her daughter taking her own life.
“This timing, when Shuukan Bunshun went on sale?” the late wrestler’s mother said. “Hana’s 49th memorial day hasn’t even taken place yet people from that sketchy show are partying? I guess the backbone of it is it’s not their problem. I don’t mean to criticize them individually, but it’s just sad. Disappointing.”
In a Japanese Buddhist funeral tradition, the family of the departed would need to stay in mourning for 49 days.
Kimura, along with other fans, were not pleased with Niino’s insensitive post, which also contains a video of him posing with other stars and saying, “We are Terrace House.”
Hana died on May 23 at the age of 22. Details of her death were not initially made available, but records revealed days later that she died from an apparent suicide inside her apartment, DW reported.
The World Wonder Ring Stardom wrestler faced bullying online following a scene in “Terrace House” where she clashed with a male star, Kai Kobayashi, in the Netflix series. The Japanese comedian apparently ruined Hana’s expensive wrestling costume while doing his laundry, and this made her “lose her temper,” Straits Times reported.
However, in an interview with Shuukan Bunshun, Kyoko revealed that the scene was staged. She recalled the moment Hana spoke to her about what happened on set on May 18 during a car ride home.
The staff of “Terrace House” allegedly wanted her to act like a pro-wrestler heel character and told her to “turn level-one-type situations up to 100.” The young wrestler also felt pressured as the staff fanned the flames, telling her “it’d be fine to go so far as to basically slap the guy across the face.”
However, instead of hitting Kobayashi in the face, Hana reportedly went for his hat — which led to her being the target of online bullies.
She also spoke to some of her friends and co-stars through the Line messaging app, which Shuukan Bunshun published:
“My work stuff got ruined so staff told me to lose it on camera.”
“Staff fanned the flames before filming.”
“They said to basically hit him across the face, but of course I can’t do that.”
“It’s not real so I feel really bad about it. Sorry.”
Hana also talked to Kobayashi on several occasions regarding the staged scenes in “Terrace House.” However, Fuji TV declined to comment on these revelations and said they were “looking into” the claims.
Hana’s mother asked Bushiroad, the parent company of Stardom, for help in uncovering the truth, but they declined to offer assistance, 411Mania reported.
“They have told me to hold memorial events and make money by selling goods,” she said. “After the incident, those who used her to make money ran away to avoid their responsibility. I want them to feel responsible. I strongly hope that no one will have the same experience as my daughter in the future.”
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