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Whole Foods Sliced Jackfruit Like a Watermelon and Asians Everywhere Are Screaming

A Malaysian woman in Illinois, United States was recently shocked to find ready-to-eat jackfruit that had been sliced like watermelons being sold in an American supermarket chain.

Facebook user Mei Tan shared the pictures on August 2 showing the completely butchered jackfruit coincidentally placed right under the watermelons at a Whole Foods Market in Wheaton, Illinois.

YouTuber’s Corny Asian Supermarket Pickup Puns Should Be #AsianCoupleGoals

Whether you’re joking around while shopping at the supermarket with your dad like Twitter user Kylie Moy or using groan-inducing pickup lines like YouTuber Esa Fung, a good, old-fashion corny joke sometimes helps put a smile on your face.

A video posted on YouTube on Dec. 24 shows Fung testing out some funny yet cringey puns on his friend Lena Lemon at an Asian supermarket.

This Danish Supermarket Only Sells Expired Foods and Everyone Loves It

First World countries are striving to end world hunger, yet they are guilty of wasting a ridiculous amount of food themselves.

Now one country is launching an initiative to change that irony by opening its first food waste supermarket. Denmark has opened its first-ever charity market, which sells surplus produce that are past their fresh date or damaged in such a way that they wouldn’t be sold on the shelves of a typical grocery store.