Wild Cows Invade Hong Kong Supermarket to Feast on Fruit

Wild Cows Invade Hong Kong Supermarket to Feast on FruitWild Cows Invade Hong Kong Supermarket to Feast on Fruit
A small herd of hungry wild cows recently invaded a supermarket in Hong Kong, causing a commotion among startled shoppers.
The three bovines were captured on film feasting on produce in the grocery store on Lantau Island on Thursday night.
via Facebook/Eric Man Kit Lee
The incident occurred at a ParknShop in Mui Wo on Lantau island, an area known to be inhabited by hundreds of wild cows, Shanghaiist reports.
In the clip of the incident posted on Facebook, some of the human shoppers can be heard laughing in amusement.
The video has also been well received on local social media, with many finding the incident quite hilarious. However, the Lantau Buffalo Association found less humor in the situation. The group pointed out that the incident highlights how human activity has been changing and endangering these animals’ habitat.

Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department tried to make light of the incident, saying it was an isolated event, but was proven wrong just a few days later when two cows tried to force their way into the supermarket again.
The second batch of cows was stopped by staff before they could enter the shop.
Featured image via Facebook/Eric Man Kit Lee
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