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970 Pounds of Sumo Wrestlers Jiggle After Colliding in Super Slow-Mo


Do you ever find yourself wondering what happens to sumo wrestlers’ bodies when they collide during matches? Well, wonder no more — the popular YouTubers The Slow Mo Guys just posted a new video showing two sumo wrestlers going at each other in super slow-motion.

The two wrestlers that are featured in the YouTube video published on February 5 are Yama, 600 pounds (272.15 kilograms), known as the heaviest Japanese man in history who also appeared as one of the assassins in “John Wick: Chapter 2”, and Byamba, 370 pounds (167.82 kilograms), a four-time World Sumo Champion that once appeared in an episode of “The Bachelorette”.

New Japanese Perfume Will Make You Smell Like a Sumo Wrestler

A perfume company in Japan, which offers scents that are uniquely Japanese, has finally come up with a fragrance for those people who have always dreamed of smelling like a sumo wrestler.

Japanese fragrance manufacturer Luz will be launching three new products as part of their J-Scent perfume line, and one of them is reportedly a scent that emulates what a sumo wrestler smells like.