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Veteran K-pop girl group EXID announce 10th anniversary single album ‘X’

  • K-pop girl group EXID announced on Tuesday a special 10th anniversary single album titled “X.”
  • Announced via Sony Music Korea on Twitter, the title track appears to be called “Fire,” and a full tracklist will be revealed on Sep. 14.
  • Their last domestic comeback was in May 2019 with the EP “We,” but they have released Japanese albums during their hiatus.
  • All five members — Jeonghwa, Hani, Solji, Hyelin and L.E — reunited publicly last month for a 10th anniversary livestream.

K-pop superstars EXID marked their return on Tuesday with an announced 10th anniversary single album, “X.”

Sony Music Korea made the announcement with a Twitter post showing the official release schedule for the highly anticipated comeback. The tweet shows that album pre-orders will start on Sep. 8, a tracklist will be revealed on Sep. 14 and the possible title track for the album will be called “Fire.”

Sony loses millions after rejecting China’s demand to remove Statue of Liberty from new ‘Spider-Man’ film

Spiderman sony china
  • Sony reportedly walked away from a potential $170 million-$340 million in sales after rejecting China’s request to delete scenes featuring the Statue of Liberty.
  • The China Film Administration wanted Sony and Marvel Studios to take out the American landmark, which is prominently featured during the film's action-packed third act, according to multiple sources.
  • Chinese regulators modified the request and asked for less emphasis on shots they deemed too "patriotic."
  • Sony ultimately rejected the request, resulting in Chinese authorities preventing the latest Spider-Man film from being released in the biggest film market in the world.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” was not released in China after Sony rejected a request to delete scenes that include the Statue of Liberty, a new report claims. 

In China, films are reviewed by the China Film Administration under the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). According to multiple sources who spoke to Puck, Chinese authorities initially wanted Sony and Marvel Studios to take out the American landmark, which is prominently featured during the film’s third act.

Sony Creates Wearable Air Conditioner in Time for 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

Sony has just unveiled its innovative gadget that could potentially beat — or at least lessen — the intense heat this summer, and this gadget comes in the form of a wearable air conditioner that can be slipped inside of a specially made shirt.

The Reon Pocket, a smartphone-sized cooling device, has the capability to either lower the body’s temperature as much as 23 degrees or raise it up 14 degrees, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Japanese Rock Balancing Artist is So Good He was Put in a Sony Commercial

A  talented artist in Japan, who has gained immense local popularity for his incredible skill in balancing rocks on top of each other, has landed an ad campaign deal with one of the country’s biggest tech firms.

Kokei Mikuni is able to craft physics-defying structures by expertly identifying his rock towers’ center of gravity. His unique skill has caught the attention of Sony who has tapped him to promote its latest array of noise-cancelling headphones.

China’s Richest Man Plans to Make Hollywood More Chinese After Investing in Sony Pictures

Fresh off purchasing a controlling stake in Hollywood film studio Legendary Entertainment earlier this year, Wang Jianlin, China’s richest man, has signed up to invest in Sony’s film studio.

With hopes of highlighting “the China element” in the studio’s film productions, Jianlin has reportedly signed an agreement to invest in Sony Pictures through his company Wanda, reports Fortune.

Apple, Samsung and Microsoft Accused of Using Companies Linked to Child-Labor

A new report by Amnesty International reveals the possible link of child-labor to nearly every major tech manufacturer in the world including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Sony, Dell and HP.

The use of child-labor was documented in the cobalt mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Cobalt is a rare mineral required to manufacture lithium-ion batteries which power nearly every mobile device in the world. The DRC produces about 55% of the world’s cobalt, according to a report by the Global Mining Institute.