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Video of 5-year-old girl asking to hold adults’ hands to cross the street in South Korea warms hearts

social experiment on YouTube

A video of a child asking to hold strangers’ hands to cross the street from Jaykeeout’s YouTube channel has received over 10 million views since it was uploaded on Sept. 24. 

The social experiment: The video that has melted the hearts of viewers was a social experiment to see how strangers in Korea would react to a child asking for their hand to hold to cross the crosswalk.

Asians Are Told to Leave the Train Over Coronavirus Fear in Social Experiment

Belgium coronavirus

A social experiment organized by YouTube channel Would You React? shows that many people still support the Asian community amid fear of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV or COVID-19).

The clip, which was shot in February on the Brussels Metro in Brussels, Belgium, shows a few Belgian actors telling Asian actors to get out of the train in an attempt to portray the discrimination that Asians face in Western countries during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Social Experiment in Korea Puts Asian Man vs German Model to Collect Girls’ Numbers

An Asian man and a German model/YouTuber recently challenged each other in a “social experiment” to see which of them other people consider to be more attractive.

In the video published on Mario Adrion’s (the German model) YouTube channel last month, Mario and the Korean “pick-up artist,” Shaun, competed to see who could receive the most phone numbers.