Video of 5-year-old girl asking to hold adults’ hands to cross the street in South Korea warms hearts

Video of 5-year-old girl asking to hold adults’ hands to cross the street in South Korea warms hearts

October 5, 2021
A video of a child asking to hold strangers’ hands to cross the street
The social experiment: The video that has melted the hearts of viewers was a social experiment to see how strangers in Korea would react to a child asking for their hand to hold to cross the crosswalk.
  • In the video, Ro-eun, a 5-year-old actress, is seen standing next to strangers and nervously asking them to help her cross the road. 
  • She lightly taps on the adults to get their attention and asks in Korean, “Excuse me, can you hold my hand so I can cross the road?”
  • “I’m scared to walk on the crosswalk alone,” Ro-eun told one adult. 
  • The strangers in the video did not hesitate to hold Ro-eun’s hand and walk with her across the street. Some of them show their concern by going out of their way to walk her to her parents before leaving.  
  • Before Ro-eun parts ways with the adults who help her, she offers to sanitize their hands as a thank you and a reminder to be safe during the pandemic.
Reactions: Many viewers expressed their adoration for Ro-eun in the video’s comment section. Viewers were also relieved to see the reactions of the strangers to the little girl’s request. 
  • Tiny Otaku, whose comment received 3.7k likes, wrote, “I love that they not only helped her across, but wanted to locate her parents before they left her alone.”
  • “She’s so adorable, the outfit just level up that. Her outfit makes her look like a minion,” one user said.
  • Another commented, “I love this, because aside from it being a social experiment and the positive impact she no doubt had on these people’s days, it’s also a great lesson for the girl herself! She learns that it’s okay to ask people for help AND it boosts her self-confidence to overcome her initial shyness!❤️” 
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