Social Experiment in Korea Puts Asian Man vs German Model to Collect Girls’ Numbers

Social Experiment in Korea Puts Asian Man vs German Model to Collect Girls’ NumbersSocial Experiment in Korea Puts Asian Man vs German Model to Collect Girls’ Numbers
Bryan Ke
November 2, 2018
An Asian man and a German model/YouTuber recently challenged each other in a “social experiment” to see which of them other people consider to be more attractive.

In the video published on Mario Adrion’s (the German model) YouTube channel last month, Mario and the Korean “pick-up artist,” Shaun, competed to see who could receive the most phone numbers.
The person with the least phone numbers would have to sing on the streets of Seoul as punishment for losing the “social experiment.”
Mario went first, but women didn’t seem to find him attractive at all, even though he attempted to say he was from Hawaii. Even worse, the first two women walked right past him as he tried to strike a conversation with them.
He then tried again, opening the conversation with an ice breaker about liking carrots. He then asked the woman about her “spirit vegetable.” Sadly enough, the German model got rejected outright when the woman answered with, “I hate vegetables.”
What got him his first phone number – or in this case, an Instagram – was saving the woman from a flying banner stand. Mario then tried to ask them if they knew how to surf. Surprisingly, it was that move that got him an Instagram follow.
His plans backfired when he asked another woman if she happened to “speak some English.” The woman then responded with “yeah, but no thanks.”
And just like that, Mario received several other “no’s” from the women. One even tried to walk away faster when he asked her if she spoke English.
Now it’s Shaun’s turn. Things seemed to be going pretty smoothly when he approached the first two women, but sadly, the attempt was all in vain.
Instead of lingering on the rejection, Shaun immediately jumped to the next woman he saw. Even though many of these women walked past him just like what Mario experienced, Shaun still kept the same positive, smiling attitude.
After several attempts, he finally found the woman that gave him her phone number – not just an Instagram follow.
Immediately after, he received another phone number, but not because of his strong confidence. Instead, he showed his vulnerable side by telling the young woman that it took a lot of courage for him to approach her, and that he is attempting to step out of his comfort zone.
In the end, Shaun received two numbers while Mario received none. He took the streets to sing away the pain and accept his defeat.
Images screenshot via YouTube / Mario Adrion
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