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Netflix confirms ‘Singles Inferno’ will return in ‘hotter and sexier’ Season 2

Netflix Singles Inferno season 2
  • Netflix officially announced the second season of “Singles Inferno” on Tuesday.
  • Season 2 will follow the formula of the show’s first season, where a group of men and women living together on a deserted island must find a partner to experience a day of luxury.
  • “Those who become a couple can move to ‘HEAVEN Island’ for a day, where high-quality food and accommodations are provided, while those who fail to become a couple must spend their days self-sufficient in ‘Hell Island,’” Netflix said in a press release.
  • The cast list and release date of Season 2 have yet to be revealed.

Netflix has announced that a “hotter and sexier” second season of its hit South Korean dating show “Singles Inferno” is on the way.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Netflix officially confirmed that “Singles Inferno” will return with a new set of castaways who must compete on a deserted island to find a partner while trying to survive.

Fans show support for ‘Single’s Inferno’ star Ji-a on TikTok with trend showing off fake designer products

  • “Single’s Inferno” star Song Ji-a came under fire this month after netizens found that many of the designer items she wore on the show and were made out to be authentic were in fact not. 
  • Fans on TikTok have shown their support for her in a trend that has them sharing some of their own fake products. 

Song Ji-a, an influencer who recently starred in the Netflix hit Korean reality show “Single’s Inferno,” posted an apology online following backlash she received for toting around counterfeit designer goods; however on TikTok, it seems that fans have stuck by her side in a trend that has them showing off their own fake products in response to her “cancellation.” 

TikToker @milktea.meg posted a video last week showcasing a pair of her fake designer boots that would have been originally priced at over $500 if genuine. 

‘Single’s Inferno’ star Song Ji-a (Free Zia) apologizes for wearing fake designer clothing on the show

Jia Single's Inferno Apology
  • “Single's Inferno” star Song Ji-a faced criticism after online sleuths pointed out that the luxury clothes she wore on the show were fake.
  • On Monday, the 25-year-old influencer uploaded an apology video to YouTube, saying she should have been “more careful and thoughtful.”
  • “I am sorry to cause concern to so many people,” Song said. “I admit to the controversy of using fake luxury goods, and I acknowledge that everything is all my fault."
  • Song shared that she plans to set her channel to private and take some time off to self-reflect.

“Single’s Inferno” star Song Ji-a, also known as the influencer Free Zia, uploaded a video addressing the controversy surrounding the counterfeit luxury brands she wore on the popular Netflix series.

Song, who often wore high-end labels such as Chanel and Dior on the show, was heavily criticized after online sleuths pieced together that some of the items she wore were not authentic, reported Korea JoongAng Daily.

‘Single’s Inferno’ season finale: Who ended up together and who ended up going home alone

Singles Inferno Finale
  • The first season of “Single’s Inferno” wrapped over the weekend with two final episodes.
  • The hit series’ finale showed four new couples leaving Inferno Island together and four participants going home without partners.
  • Currently, some of the couples’ social media appear to hint that their relationships may still be intact while other couples’ online activity seem to suggest splits.

Warning: The following contains spoilers about the “Single’s Inferno” season finale.

The first season of “Single’s Inferno” wrapped up over the weekend with four new couples leaving the Inferno Island together and four participants going home without partners. 

What to expect from ‘Single’s Inferno’ as it heads into its fiery finale

single's inferno
  • The final “Single's Inferno” episodes of the season will be released this Saturday on Netflix.
  • Although the reality show is branded as a competition, it is unknown if there are any final grand prizes at stake.

Netflix’s South Korean competitive reality dating show “Single’s Inferno” is sizzling up as it nears its finale, expected to air this weekend.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who are not caught up on the show.

Meet Seong Min-ji, the social media influencer looking for men with ‘pretty noses’ on ‘Single’s Inferno’

  • Seong Min-ji joined the cast of Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno” in the show’s fifth episode, along with new contestants Kim Su-min and Cha Hyun-seung.
  • Seong is a social media influencer and freelance model who has worked with both cosmetic and wedding dress brands.
  • Attracted to men “with pretty noses,” Seong is looking for someone with “hobbies and tastes similar to hers.“

A social media influencer who dabbles with modeling in her free time recently joined the popular South Korean dating show “Single’s Inferno” as one of its newest contestants.

Seong Min-Ji, 24, was introduced in the fifth episode of the hit Netflix reality series, alongside newcomers Kim Su-min and Cha Hyun-Seung.

‘Single’s Inferno’ newcomer: ‘Too good-looking’ K-pop dancer Cha Hyun-seung shakes things up

single's inferno
  • Cha Hyun-seung, a famous backup dancer for K-pop superstar Sunmi, joined the cast of Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno” in the show’s fifth episode, along with new contestants Kim Su-min and Seong Min-ji.
  • Among the newcomers, Cha appears to have made the biggest impact due to his online following prior to joining the show.
  • Contestant and fan favorite Song Ji-a has expressed interest in the dancer.

A newcomer to the popular South Korean dating show “Single’s Inferno” is capturing the hearts of both fans and female contestants.

Cha Hyun-seung, a 31-year-old performer who is already known in South Korea as a social media influencer and backup dancer for K-pop superstar Sunmi, was one of the three cast members who were introduced in the fifth episode of the hit Netflix reality series.

‘Single’s Inferno’: Where the hit Netflix show takes place and how to get there

Single's Inferno
  • Netflix’s hit dating show “Single’s Inferno” takes place on the island of Saseungbong-do in Incheon, South Korea.
  • The island, a popular tourist spot in Ongjin County, has been featured in several shows in the past, including "Running Man," “Muhan Dojeon" and "Two Days and One Night.”
  • Guests need to ride a ferry and rent a private boat to reach the island.

The main island of popular reality series “Single’s Inferno”  is apparently a popular uninhabited tourist spot in west Incheon and has previously been featured in several South Korean shows.

The island of Saseungbong-do, the main location of Netflix and Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company’s (JTBC) hit dating show, can be found in Incheon’s Ongjin County.

‘Single’s Inferno’ becomes first Korean reality show to break into Netflix Global Top 10 shows list

  • “Single’s Inferno” broke into Netflix’s global Top 10 most watched shows list on Monday.
  • It is the first Korean reality show to make the list and is currently in the No. 13 spot.

The new Korean reality dating show “Single’s Inferno” blazed its way to Netflix’s global Top 10 most-watched shows list on Monday. 

It follows the likes of Korean series “Squid Game,” “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” “Hellbound,” and “Silent Sea,” which have captivated the streaming platform’s viewers worldwide during the latter half of 2021. 

‘So white and pure’: ‘Singles Inferno’ cast members’ beauty standards criticized by viewers

Netflix Reality Show Singles Inferno

South Korean dating show “Singles Inferno” has sparked online criticism over some of the cast members’ allegedly shallow beauty standards.

About the show: The hit Netflix reality series, which has hooked viewers from around the world since its first two episodes were released on Dec. 18, features attractive singles looking for love on a deserted island, as NextShark previously reported.