‘Single’s Inferno’ season finale: Who ended up together and who ended up going home alone

‘Single’s Inferno’ season finale: Who ended up together and who ended up going home alone‘Single’s Inferno’ season finale: Who ended up together and who ended up going home alone
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Ryan General
January 10, 2022
Warning: The following contains spoilers about the “Single’s Inferno” season finale.
The first season of “Single’s Inferno” wrapped up over the weekend with four new couples leaving the Inferno Island together and four participants going home without partners. 
The South Korean dating show, which proved to be a massive hit on Netflix, released its final two episodes on Jan. 8. 
In the season finale (Episode 8), the contestants made their final decisions on who they wanted to pair with before leaving the island. Female contestants Seong Min-ji and Kim Su-min, who both joined halfway through the series (Episode 5), ended up without partners. Male contestants Choi Si-hun and Cha Hyun-seung, who was also a recent addition, also remained single by the show’s end.
Internet sleuths have posited on Reddit that the show was filmed around June or July last year, which means it would now be five to six months since the contestants have left the island.    
If their social media activities are any indication, some of the contestants who left the island as couples seem to have kept their relationship going long after the series finished filming. 
Oh Jin-tаek аnd Kаng So-yeon
Viewers saw how the relationship between Oh Jin-tаek аnd Kаng So-yeon flourished in each episode. In addition to the friendly banter the pair occasionally shared, they also had meaningful conversations whenever they found time together. 
Based on their recent Instagram posts, Oh and Kang have been visiting the same locations at around the same time, suggesting they may still be together. The couple also follows eаch other’s friends аnd fаmily members on social media, according to The Cinemaholic
Song Ji-a and Kim Hyeon-joong
With the option to choose among three contestants, beauty vlogger Song Ji-a ended up selecting Kim Hyeon-joong at the end of the show. 
Throughout the show, Kim аnd Song have consistently been open with one аnother, particularly about whаt they were looking for in a partner. The pair maintained this openness during the arrival of new cast members midway through the series. 
Kim jokingly referred to himself as a “puppy” in the way that he always approached Song. Before leaving the island together, Song gave Kim the nickname “puppy” as a term of endearment. When the season finale aired, Kim posted an image of a puppy on his Instagram story, hinting that he and Song might still be on very good terms. 
Moon Se-hoon and Shin Ji-yeon
Moon Se-hoon and Shin Ji-yeon’s closeness in the show was apparent early on as the two immediately connected through conversations in the first episode. The pair further bonded well after spending time together during their dates in “Paradise” in later episodes.
As of this writing, there is no indication on social media that the pair has maintained a close relationship outside the show. Still, the moments that they shared together remain among the series’ highlights. 
Kim Jun-sik and An Yea-won
While conversations between Kim Jun-sik and An Yea-won in the series involved some flirting, they mostly appeared to remain on the friendly side. At various points throughout the show, each of them had their eyes on different contestants. Still, the pair were able to grow closer as the episodes went by.
It remains unknown whether they chose to continue to grow their relationship or decided to go their separate ways after the show wrapped up. 
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