‘Single’s Inferno’ star returns to YouTube months after fake designer clothing scandal

‘Single’s Inferno’ star returns to YouTube months after fake designer clothing scandal‘Single’s Inferno’ star returns to YouTube months after fake designer clothing scandal
Bryan Ke
June 29, 2022
South Korean influencer and “Single’s Inferno” star Song Ji-a has returned to YouTube after a months-long break from social media following January’s fake designer clothing scandal.
Song, also known as Freezia, returned to social media earlier this month with a post on Instagram. In the post, she thanked her fans, whom she referred to as “Pringies,” for their “concern and support,” and she also relayed that she is “in good health.”

The 25-year-old influencer also uploaded a vlog to YouTube on Monday, giving further insight into what happened after she decided to take a break from social media in January.

The nearly 10-minute video highlights what Song has been doing in her daily life, such as arranging flowers and playing with her dog. She revealed that she took up oil painting as a new hobby, and she filmed herself buying art materials. She also said that she spent a lot of time with her family in Busan since leaving the spotlight.
In her vlog, Song expresses how much she missed her fans and tells them that she reads their messages every night, but she could not talk to them for months because she could not find the courage.
I missed the chitchats I had with you, where we’d share too much information about ourselves and such… I wanted to go back into the KakaoTalk chat room with you, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have the courage to,” she said.
The “Single’s Inferno” star also revealed that she got COVID-19 during her hiatus, explaining, “My throat wouldn’t heal — I felt like there were daggers in them.”
I showed you the small things in my daily life,” Song says at the end of her vlog. “I don’t know how it was, but you know how good it was to see my Pringies again?”
Song took a five-month break from social media after internet sleuths caught her wearing fake designer clothing in “Single’s Inferno,” Netflix’s South Korean dating show that has contestants search for a partner while stranded on an island called “Inferno.” 
The South Korean influencer uploaded an apology video on January 24 after facing criticism online. She subsequently deleted all of her content on social media and went on a hiatus. Some supportive fans rallied behind her, showing off their fake designer products on TikTok in the aftermath.
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