‘Single’s Inferno’ newcomer: ‘Too good-looking’ K-pop dancer Cha Hyun-seung shakes things up

‘Single’s Inferno’ newcomer: ‘Too good-looking’ K-pop dancer Cha Hyun-seung shakes things up‘Single’s Inferno’ newcomer: ‘Too good-looking’ K-pop dancer Cha Hyun-seung shakes things up
Ryan General
January 6, 2022
A newcomer to the popular South Korean dating show “Single’s Inferno” is capturing the hearts of both fans and female contestants.
Cha Hyun-seung, a 31-year-old performer who is already known in South Korea as a social media influencer and backup dancer for K-pop superstar Sunmi, was one of the three cast members who were introduced in the fifth episode of the hit Netflix reality series.
Although Cha joined “Single’s Inferno” alongside new contestants Kim Su-min and Seong Min-ji, he appears to be garnering the most attention due to the popularity he has previously gained for being featured in Sunmi’s dance videos. 
Cha has a huge following on social media, having racked up over 588,000 followers on his Instagram account @502bright as of this writing. Meanwhile, his YouTube channel Cha hyun Seung 차현승TV has attracted more than 127,000 subscribers so far. As shown in his YouTube videos, Cha has performed with Korean superstars such as EXO, BtoB and Rain.
After making his first appearance on the show, Cha immediately won over hearts by showcasing both charisma and confidence. The show’s hosts and Cha’s fellow participants have described him as “charming,” “cool” and “too good-looking.“
During his introduction, Cha shared that he got his well-toned physique by working out in the gym six times a week.
Contestant Song Ji-a, the beauty vlogger who had previously expressed feelings toward fellow contestant and model Kim Hyeon-joong, seems to be smitten with the dancer. Song divulged in the show’s latest episode that Cha possesses the features closest to those of her ideal man. 
According to Song, she already knows of Cha because they have a mutual friend, and they were also scheduled to work together in the past. Meanwhile, Kim revealed that he had become close friends with Cha after training with him at the gym a week before being shipped off to Inferno.
In the show’s sixth episode, Cha was given the opportunity to have brief conversations with the female contestants. By the end of the episode, he surprised the show’s hosts and his fellow contestants with his choice for his Paradise date. 
Featured Image via Netflix / “Single’s Inferno” (left), @502bright (right)
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