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Poet Rupi Kaur describes Texas school library ban on ‘Milk and Honey’ as ‘dangerously terrifying’

rupi kaur
  • Texas schools and libraries are banning Rupi Kaul’s “Milk and Honey” due to certain poems depicting “sexual assault and violence.”
  • Kaur denounced the decision as restricting a “safe haven” for young readers who relate to the experiences illustrated in the book.
  • In October 2021, a Republican Texas lawmaker requested that books discussing race or sexuality in school libraries and classrooms be identified to prevent students from potential “discomfort.”
  • Kaur is currently working with librarians and teachers to bring her book back into classrooms and school libraries.
  • “Milk and Honey” was published in 2014 and has sold over 3 million copies.

Canadian Indian poet Rupi Kaur’s “Milk and Honey” has been banned from certain Texas school libraries for content that explores experiences of “sexual assault and violence.”

A collection of poems and short stories, the book was published in 2014 and has sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

Tokyo schools to drop controversial dress code rules regulating hair and underwear color

Tokyo dress code rules
  • Tokyo’s Board of Education announced it would scrap its controversial dress code rules, including those dictating hairstyles and underwear color and pattern, for the new academic year beginning April 1.
  • Over 200 schools and educational institutions run by the Tokyo metropolitan government will implement these five changes to its rules.
  • “Japanese people have been taught to believe that it is a virtue to simply abide by the rules,” Kaori Yamaguchi, a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, said. “I hope this will be an opportunity for people to discuss what we should do to create a society where rules are observed in a way that’s acceptable to everyone.”
  • The changes came after the Board surveyed 240 schools in the city last year, asking parents and children about their views of the policies.

Tokyo school officials announced they are dropping controversial dress code policies for high school students, including those regulating hairstyles and underwear color and patterns.

Around 200 schools run by the Tokyo metropolitan government will implement five changes to the rules at the start of the new academic year beginning on April 1, according to a Mainichi Shimbun report.

Kelly Hu, Charlyne Yi and more hold virtual table read to raise $180K to build 3D printed school

thinking huts

Non-profit Thinking Huts will host a diverse group of actors for a charity event, with proceeds going toward 3D printed schools in countries that need it the most.

Details on the event: The virtual table reading of “Second Act,” released in 2018, will be held tomorrow at 6 p.m. MT/8 p.m. ET. The first 1,000 registrants will have an opportunity to take part in building their first school in Madagascar. The event will also include a silent auction.

White Teachers are Failing Students of Color and It’s Time For Them to Wake Up

Many of us hold on to certain memories from our childhood school days for the rest of our lives — our own parents and grandparents likely have their own stories to tell as well, when things were simpler and more innocent. Sometimes these memories are exceptionally good, but other times they are hurtful or even traumatic and they have the power to stay with us from childhood into adulthood. From all of the Asian American men and women I’ve spoken to over the years, we’ve all got our fair share of the latter.

For Asian children growing up in Western countries, growing pains means far more than just puberty and school drama. It means racially motivated bullying and it means being forced to grow thicker skin in order to cope. Schools can be a breeding ground for racist narratives and teachers oftentimes determine whether these ideas are stopped in their tracks or exacerbated even further. Many times without knowing, or caring, these teachers play a huge role in a child’s development.

Taiwanese Exchange Student Arrested For Threatening to Shoot Up Local High School

Authorities have arrested an 18-year-old foreign exchange student from Taiwan after reportedly threatening to shoot up his classmates at a local high school in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

An Tso Sun, who is in the United States on a five-year student visa, was allegedly building an arsenal for his alleged planned attack against Bonner Prendergast Catholic High School. 

Jack Ma Wants to Open Schools for China’s Left-Behind Kids

jack ma

Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, urged many entrepreneurs during a charitable foundation event hosted by the company in Sanya, Hainan Island on Sunday to work with him and build boarding schools in rural China areas to help “left-behind children” get proper and safe education.

In the event, Ma, citing the Ministry of Education, said that at average, primary school students walk 5.4 kilometers (3.3 miles) from their home to school everyday, according to South China Morning Post. One perfect example for this is Wang Manfu, better known online as “Ice Boy,” who became an internet sensation after pictures of him covered in snow became viral earlier this month.

‘Ice Boy’ Who Walks 2.7 Miles to School in Freezing Cold Sparks Over $50,000 in Donations

The Yunnan China Youth Development Foundation successfully launched a public donation campaign for less fortunate children in Yunnan Province after the story of 10-year-old left-behind child Wang Manfu went viral.

After hearing Wang’s story, the foundation’s office in Zhaotong immediately began soliciting donations for the campaign on Tuesday, promising to give 500 yuan ($77) to each needy child in Yunnan to help them stay warm this winter.

Chinese University Now Offers Weight Loss Course For Students to Fight Obesity Rates

In an effort to help curb the growing obesity rate among its student population, a university in China offers a weight loss class to overweight students.

The special course, offered at the Nanjing Agricultural University in East China since 2015, is the brainchild of physical education teacher Zhou Quanfu. The program runs for six weeks, consisting of three or four 90 minute classes per week.

Seattle Dad Raises $40,000 for Student Lunch Debt, Now Wants to Fund School Supplies

After raising thousands of dollars to help school children eat proper lunches in public schools in his area, a father is now seeking to generate funding to buy supplies for the local preschool.

Seattle dad Jeff Lew made headlines back in May after he successfully raised over $40,000 to pay for students’ lunch debts in three Washington state districts.

Chinese Netizens Want Harsher Punishments Than Hard Labor for Teens Accused of Bullying

Fourteen Chinese girls between the ages of 15 and 17 were sentenced to up to seven days of hard labor in a trial program that aims to eliminate bullying in schools.

The female students were sentenced on Monday by the Tongzhou District People’s Court, which runs the trial in partnership with local schools, according to local newspaper The Mirror. One of the students, however, was sentenced to a year and 10 months.

Over 50% of Students Accepted to NYC’s Elite High Schools This Year Were Asian

The first round of acceptance letters from New York City’s top high schools have been sent to 5,078 eighth-graders this week with 52.5% of those accepted being Asian.

A total of 27,853 students applied for admission into NYC’s eight elite high schools for the upcoming academic year, according to data released by the city’s Department of Education on Thursday.