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This 23-Year-Old Created a Black Card That Gives Millennials Penthouse Parties and Private Jets

Billy McFarland, 23, is a college-dropout and the founder of an exclusive new club called Magnises, a platform that enhances the social and professional lives of millennials.

With $1 million raised in venture capital, Magnises has secured over 6,000 members, each of whom pay $250 annually, since its inception last year. Eighty-five percent of the cardholders are between 21 and 29 years old. 

Spoiled Rich Kid Pays $30,000 to Light His Ferrari on Fire So He Can Get a New One

The son of a Swiss millionaire decided that instead of working hard to earn the money to buy a new 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia, he would, instead, burn his old one in an elaborate scheme to get away with insurance fraud.

However, after some miscalculations, the son found himself and three of his accomplices in front of a judge who would decide their penalties and jail time.

Inside the Royal-Filled Life of the Boy Who Shook the Queen’s Hand

While many of us might remember our childhood as being the happiest time of our lives, it still probably wasn’t as epic as this kid’s childhood.

Mohammed bin Ahmed Jaber Al Harbi, the spiffy little boy made famous for removing his top hat before shaking Queen Elizabeth II’s hand at the Epsom Derby on Saturday, lives an incredibly rich lifestyle filled with horse races, safari adventures, and hanging out with his “best friend,” Dubai’s Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed al Maktoum.

Black Cards and Vertu Phones: The Life of a 20-Year-Old Self-Made Millionaire

Everyone knows that financial freedom isn’t easy to attain. It can take years of hard work, discipline and luck to reach it. Then there are people like 20-year-old entrepreneur Evan Luthra.

Evan Luthra recently hit the internet spotlight when his Instagram account was featured on the Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr. While most of the kids typically featured are heirs of wealthy tycoons, Luthra stresses that his fortune came through his own hard work.

Exclusive Parties and Private Jets: The Life of the Rich Kids of Instagram’s Scolaro Sisters

Let’s face it: As much as you might hate them, you love scrolling through pictures of the “Rich Kids of Instagram.” After all, they live a life of luxury and privilege that most people can only dream of.

Stephanie Scolaro, 23, and Lana Scolaro, 20, are sisters who have built quite an online following because of their lavish Instagram posts about their travels and luxury shopping (fun fact: Stephanie Scolaro thinks Christian Louboutins are overrated). While they were both born in London, they’ve spent most of their lives traveling. They now divide their lives between Monaco, London and New York.

10 Things Everyone Hates About Rich Kid Entrepreneurs, But Won’t Admit

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 5.59.55 PM

“As a matter of principle, I don’t invest in rich kids’ businesses.” -Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank

When it comes to millennial entrepreneurs, there are really only two kinds: the rich kids and the poor kids. It’s seen as the difference between “wantrepreneurs” and real entrepreneurs — the delusional and the disruptive. No, not every entrepreneur born with money is a bad egg, but it’s always been easier to hate on those who have more advantages than others. How much truth is behind the stereotypes?