Exclusive Parties and Private Jets: The Life of the Rich Kids of Instagram’s Scolaro Sisters

Exclusive Parties and Private Jets: The Life of the Rich Kids of Instagram’s Scolaro Sisters
Editorial Staff
February 19, 2015
Let’s face it: As much as you might hate them, you love scrolling through pictures of the “Rich Kids of Instagram.” After all, they live a life of luxury and privilege that most people can only dream of.
Stephanie Scolaro, 23, and Lana Scolaro, 20, are sisters who have built quite an online following because of their lavish Instagram posts about their travels and luxury shopping (fun fact: Stephanie Scolaro thinks Christian Louboutins are overrated). While they were both born in London, they’ve spent most of their lives traveling. They now divide their lives between Monaco, London and New York.
“Most people are impressed by how well travelled we are and how often we travel,” Stephanie Scolaro told NextShark. “Not many people get the opportunity to do that and we soon realised that whilst growing up. Not to mention our bag and shoe collection.“
Stephanie (left) and Lana (right)
While the sisters don’t mind sharing their lives with the public, they’re much more closed off when it comes to talking about their parents’ backgrounds.

“Our mother is a lady of luxury and our father is a successful entrepreneur. I would rather not comment on his profession. Our father is self-made and we respect him for that. He worked to the top and he taught us how to appreciate and value money and to be independent.”

Getting put into the spotlight often puts you on a lot of critics’ radars. The sisters have dealt with online criticism, but they don’t seem to be fazed.

“We have dealt with a lot of weird and jealous people. The world really is a bitter place sometimes. We just shrug it off and ignore. People just look at us from a public perspective but we donate to charity and host charitable events to raise money for the sick. It’s a bit unfair to judge and criticize someone you don’t know!”

One of the perks of being born into privilege is that you’ll get a fast ticket into mingling with the elite. The sisters are constantly invited to the most exclusive parties and clubs, often filled with celebrities and powerful people. They’ve rubbed shoulders with people like P. Diddy and Robin Thicke.

“Some of the most powerful people we have met are the most down-to-earth people.”

Last year, Lana, then 19 years old, was embroiled in a controversy when singer Robin Thicke allegedly cheated on his wife, actress Paula Patton, with her. The scandal made headlines after a picture of Thicke grabbing her butt went viral. Lana told Life & Style the two allegedly made out:

“He turned off the lights so no one could see us, and he started making out with me. He was grabbing me. He was like, ‘I want to get you into bed!'”

When we asked whether she’s had any contact with Thicke since last year, Lana told us no.
Having a life of parties and travels can often lead to memorable stories. When asked to reveal one of their craziest stories, they said:

“Walking home from Billionaire Club during Grand Prix at 5 a.m. because all the roads were blocked and we couldn’t get a driver! We ended up walking halfway home on the raceway track in Herve Legers, barefoot and we ended up hitchhiking from a van that delivered custard tarts. Our father looked out the window and saw us coming out of a “Tarts” van at 7 a.m.!

Not a good look!”

As women who’ve grown up experiencing every upscale experience you can think of, one would assume it takes a lot of impress the sisters. When asked whether they have a set standard for the type of person they’d want to be in a relationship with, they said:

“We don’t have a particular ‘standard’ although we would like someone to be on a similar level as us financially, someone we can connect with and who we can develop a stable relationship with. Someone who is real. Men mistake us at party girls, but we do love to relax and chill too!”

Even with the luxurious lives they lead, the sisters wish their critics would acknowledge a few things about them:

“We have our own ambitions, goals and our path in life, even though we have full support already. We have our unique interests and our own character. We value our friends and positivity in life. We are very giving and we would do anything for our family and friends!

We treat everyone the same, with or without money.”

Following her parents’ footsteps, the sisters have started their own businesses. Lana has a jewelry collection which just launched at Boutique One in Monaco, while Stephanie is in fashion design.

“Lana has always been creative; it’s the perfect thing for her and she enjoys what she does. Her social network is so exclusive and she wanted to create something unique targeted at a cool niche urban market. Her trademark is skulls, guns and controversial symbols.

Stephanie designs customs dresses and is launching her online fashion website, which is already promoted on Instagram @ladonnaelegante. She has also launched products in the food market called “MAMA JOES” which includes dried fruit and sauces, extracted purely and 100% organic.”

The sisters say they are currently working with some of the biggest network companies in L.A. for a potential reality show about their lives.
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