‘Self-Made’ Millionaire Condemned For His Instagram Photos Because He Looks Like a Typical Rich Kid

‘Self-Made’ Millionaire Condemned For His Instagram Photos Because He Looks Like a Typical Rich Kid
Editorial Staff
May 17, 2016
Tony Farhan Beig is a 31-year-old entrepreneur who has built a huge following on
On top of the usual gym selfies and photos with women, he also posts shots of Rolex watches, expensive wine and exclusive pool parties.
With photos of his private jet, luxury cars collection and first class travels, Beig proudly flaunts his extravagance to his 55,000 Instagram followers.
“Just sitting in the office is not the only kind of work,” he announced in a post with a photo of a Veuve bottle on hand while on a helicopter ride.
“You can work smart and be working while sipping #VeuveClicquot and flying over #IpanemaBeach #RioDeJaneiro in a private Helicopter.”
The son of a provincial deputy inspector general of police in India, Beig says he owes his riches to hard work and describes himself as a self-made man.
“The lifestyle doesn’t come easy. You have to work a lot for it,” Beig told Daily Mail Australia in an interview.
The Melbourne-raised, millionaire founder of Dioz Group currently lives in Hollywood Hills and owns a number of luxury cars, including an S550 Mercedes and a Bentley.
He considers his lifestyle his motivation to work hard.
“When you fly first class, have a private jet, a Bentley or Rolls Royce, that’s what motivates you go to work on Monday,” Beig said.
Beig was on the receiving end of negative public reaction two years ago after photographs he posted showing his father’s apparent abuse of power went viral on different social networking sites.
One photo showed a man helping his father put on his shoes with the caption: “Real king – My Dad!! Last time he put his shoes himself was almost 15 years ago #BossLife #King xx.”
In another photograph that showed a police vehicle surrounded by armed policemen, he wrote: “Motivation right here! Traffic and this is how police and gunmen clear traffic when my dad is on the road! #power #king #guns.”
He quickly removed the pictures from Facebook and Instagram after public condemnation started pouring in.
“Media got it all wrong they didn’t interview me or dad,” said Beig. “They thought who I am is because my father gives me money… It doesn’t work like that.”
He claims that his father has not given him a single dollar since he turned 18.
You’ve got to aim high. I don’t feel I have competitors,” he said. “I’m focused on myself so much I need to water my ground and make my grass green rather than checking other people’s grass.”
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