Spoiled 17-Year-Old Claiming to Be a ‘British Kardashian’ Exposed as a Fake Rich Kid

Spoiled 17-Year-Old Claiming to Be a ‘British Kardashian’ Exposed as a Fake Rich KidSpoiled 17-Year-Old Claiming to Be a ‘British Kardashian’ Exposed as a Fake Rich Kid
Editorial Staff
April 14, 2016

Meet Jack Watkin, a 17-year-old who claimed to have a $2.4 million luxury car collection, a private jet and unlimited funds from his parents for insane shopping sprees.
He would say things like:
“I’m used to people being jealous of me – whether they’re teenagers or adults! I can handle all the envy.”
“I know my life is different to other teenagers because I’m very blessed. I don’t have to worry about jobs and I have unlimited funds.”
“But my life is not easy. My dad has worked very hard to make sure I can have all these nice things. Our private jet doesn’t just fly itself; our pool doesn’t just clean itself; all my cars don’t automatically fill themselves with petrol. My dad has to make the money to do those things. It takes a lot of maintenance.”
“Most of my outfits are worth around £10,000 to £15,000. But when it comes to jewellery or watches, there’s no limit. My most expensive piece is a £500,000 watch.”
“But I think I’m much more mature than most teenagers because I’ve been able to buy expensive watches and cars all by myself. I can cope with that responsibility unlike other teenagers.”
Well, it turns out he faked it all (as if the way he carries himself isn’t a dead ringer). He was reportedly exposed after he started getting called out on Instagram for using stock images to promote his “wealth.” It’s unknown if the media company that covered him realized he wasn’t who he said he was.
According to Daily Mail, Watkins borrowed his mom’s Porsche, his father doesn’t own a private jet, and his family isn’t all that rich. He doesn’t have a massive mansion with a huge garage stuffed with luxury cars. He said after the revelation:
“I just want to say that people can say what they want about me, but I know the truth. I really don’t care if people have an opinion – there are always going to be people who try to bring you down.”
In the end, it isn’t hard to pity the guy. Afterall, you can’t blame a child for how their parents raised them.
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