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Marathon Runner Runs 19 Miles Holding Abandoned Puppy, Adopts It After Race

A marathon runner in Thailand is melting the hearts of many netizens after finishing a race while carrying an abandoned puppy she found on the road.

During a 26-mile marathon in Ratchaburi, western Thailand on January 20, 43-year-old Khemjira Klongsanun noticed some runners ignoring a poor dog on the side of the road. The athlete slowed down her pace and gently approached the terrified puppy to coax it.

How a Rescued Puppy Became a South Korean Instagram Star

The Korean Instagram sensation, Zzangjeolmi, became an accidental celebrity overnight after the pup was discovered after falling in a ditch and floating down a stream.

The poor puppy was completely alone and covered in dirt when she was rescued by her future forever family. The rescuer later adopted the pup, and officially named her, “Injeolmi” after the traditional Korean rice cakes which resembled the golden color of Jeolmi’s fur.

Dog Saved From Korean Meat Farm Sleeps Standing Up Because She’s Never Laid Down

After suffering from neglect and abuse while growing up at a dog meat farm, rescued pup Harriet sleeps standing up because she apparently has not been allowed to sleep properly all her life.

Retrieved from dog meat farm in Wonju, South Korea, the three-year-old Korean Jindo was shown in a distressing video dozing off while sitting upright, unable to even lay down, Daily Mail reported.