How a Rescued Puppy Became a South Korean Instagram Star

How a Rescued Puppy Became a South Korean Instagram Star
Jin Hyun
November 1, 2018
The Korean Instagram sensation, Zzangjeolmi, became an accidental celebrity overnight after the pup was discovered after falling in a ditch and floating down a stream.
The poor puppy was completely alone and covered in dirt when she was rescued by her future forever family. The rescuer later adopted the pup, and officially named her, “Injeolmi” after the traditional Korean rice cakes which resembled the golden color of Jeolmi’s fur.
Injeolmi’s rescuer and forever family found unexpected fame after posting on Korean social media asking for advice as first-time dog owners. They posted photos of the pup after being rescued and admitted they didn’t know a single thing about raising a dog.
Netizens came to the rescue replied to Jeolmi’s new family, patiently posting detailed instructions on how to wash a dog, how to comfort a young puppy, and answered each and every question. Almost overnight, the little pup became one of the biggest internet sensations with famous Korean actors such as Kwak Dong Yeon becoming an avid fan.
The Instagram account for Zzanjeolmi currently has accumulated over 981K followers and the little superstar has been sought out by the Korean TV channel, SBS, to document a day in the life of the furry celebrity.
Although followers may never know exactly how Jeolmi fell into the ditch or where she came from, it’s safe to say that the little puppy will always be loved by her adoring fans.
Feature Image via Instagram / Zzangjeolmi (left) and kwakdongyeono (right)
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