Meet the Shiba Inu Who’s Become an Instagram Star For His Adorable Facial Expressions

Ryuji is a 7-year-old Shiba Inu from Japan that’s taking over Instagram. With around 130,000 followers, this fluff ball is well-liked, well-loved, and well-followed.
His Instagram page is filled with countless photos of his everyday adventures and misadventures and snaps that perfectly capture his various facial expressions.
Upon contacting Ryuji’s Instagram, Nextshark was accommodated by the page administrator and the person behind all his photos, Yukiko.
Yukiko told Nextshark that Ryuji has been with her mother, Yumiko, for seven years. She also revealed that the bandana-loving Shiba Inu is named after their previous guard dog, Ryutaro.
Judging from his everyday photos, it seems like the adorable Shiba Inu has grown accustomed to being photographed, but Yukiko revealed that it’s not as easy as it seems.
“It takes one to two hours to take photos,”she said. “I’m waiting for his interesting facial expressions.”
Just by looking at Ryuji’s profile photo, you can guess from his slight smirk that this Shiba Inu is something special.
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