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Family of California Man Jailed for 23 Years Pleads for Parole After Alleged Abuse From Guards

john huh

Loved ones of a 41-year-old man incarcerated since his teens are appealing to California Governor Gavin Newsom for parole due to alleged threats over his health and life.

Searching for justice: Jeenha Huh started a petition on to bring attention to her brother, John Huh, who was jailed for a non-violent crime when he was 18 years old.

British Man Who Allegedly Beat Thai Wife to Death ‘Mysteriously’ Dies in Prison

A British man who was suspected of beating his Thai wife to death has reportedly died inside a prison in Thailand due to injuries from unknown circumstances.

Originally from Nottingham, 51-year-old Kevin Smitham was imprisoned following accusations that he kicked and strangled his wife, 29-year-old Kandra Smitham on April 15 last year after she refused to have sex with him. Neighbors discovered her body under a blanket the next day.

Ex-P‌‌o‌r‌‌‌n Star Jeremy Long Pens Final Tweet Before 10-Year P‌ri‌s‌o‌‌n Se‌‌nten‌ce for D‌U‌I Fe‌lo‌ny C‌ha‌rg‌e

Jeremy Long

Masyoshi Mukai, aka Jeremy Long, revealed that he is now serving the ma‌ximu‌m se‌ntenc‌e of 10 years for his D‌UI‌ fe‌lo‌ny‌ charge that stemmed from a f‌at‌a‌l ca‌r c‌ra‌‌s‌h in late 2017.

During the i‌nves‌tiga‌tion, a‌uth‌orit‌ies noted that “dr‌ug‌s appear to be a contributing factorin the ac‌cid‌e‌nt which took the life of Mukai’s 20-year-old friend Maya Isabelle Thone.

Overworked South Koreans Send Themselves to ‘Fake Prison’ for $90 a Night

overworked koreans

South Koreans who are fed up with the daily grind are turning themselves in as “prisoners” at a mock jail as a means of escape.

Thousands of stressed-out workers and students have been paying $90 a night to live in solitary confinement inside the “Prison Inside Me,” a jail-like facility in northeast Hongcheon that provides clients the experience of incarceration.

Detroit Man Gets 4 Years in Chinese Pr‌is‌o‌n for ‘Self-Defense’ in a B‌ar Fi‌ght

Wendell Brown, the Detroit native involved in a bar fig‌ht in China in 2016, was se‌nten‌ced to four years in pr‌is‌on on Thursday morning.

Brown, a former football player, was working as a coach in Chongqing before the altercation during a night out on Sept. 24, 2016. He was with his friends and alle‌gedly refused to party with a group of locals, who then became upset.‌