Teen Sees His Father During School Field Trip to a Prison in Thailand

Teen Sees His Father During School Field Trip to a Prison in ThailandTeen Sees His Father During School Field Trip to a Prison in Thailand
The heartbreaking reunion of an incarcerated father and his teenage son during a school field trip at a prison in Rayong province, Thailand has gone viral on social media.
The boy was among a group of students who visited the unidentified facility through Jam Banjeud Rayong, an organization that hosts educational and recreational tours for schools and companies.
Image via Facebook / Arom Khunmoung
In a Facebook post on Monday, Arom Khunmoung, the leader of the tour, recalled how he noticed one of the students crying while staring at a prisoner.
“Surprisingly, the prisoner was staring and crying too,” Arom wrote. “So I went to ask the boy what was going on.”
What he learned would bring more people in tears later.
“Teacher, that’s my dad,” the boy answered. “I’m very shocked [to see him].”
Image via Facebook / Arom Khunmoung
Arom asked the boy if he wanted to talk to his father.
When the boy confirmed, Arom approached the warden for permission.
“They ran into each other’s arms in tears,” Arom wrote. “The father kept kissing his son while saying, ‘I’m so sorry, I miss you. When I leave this place, I will be a good person.’”
The father then asked if his son was ashamed of him.
Image via Facebook / Arom Khunmoung
“Are you ashamed of me? Are you embarrassed because your friends see that I’m in prison?”
“No, I’m not ashamed at all,” the boy replied before getting down on his knees to kowtow before his father’s feet.
If only the father could turn back time, he wouldn’t have committed the mistake that led him behind bars, Arom commented. The crime for which his father was convicted was not revealed.
“This father-and-son will serve as an example to those who still have freedom… Show your love while you still have the chance.”
Thousands have since shared and reacted to Arom’s post — with most shedding tears.
Users commented:
“This is so sad.”
“My tears are flowing.”
“I can’t stop crying.”
“I have a waterfall over here.”
“I’m rooting for their reunion.”
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