OnlyFans star Titus Low explains his ‘honest prison experience’ after 3 weeks behind bars

OnlyFans star Titus Low explains his ‘honest prison experience’ after 3 weeks behind bars
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November 24, 2022
Titus Low, a Singaporean OnlyFans creator who was sentenced to three weeks in jail in October for posting pornographic images on the platform, is going viral once again for a YouTube video detailing his experience behind bars.
The 14-minute video, titled “My Honest Prison Experience,” starts off with the 22-year-old influencer answering a question about “dropping the soap,” referring to prison rape that purportedly occurs after an inmate bends over to pick up dropped soap in the shower.
Low explained that nothing like that ever happened to him while locked up, adding that the inmates he was with were “pretty chilled.” Such actions, he said, could lead to an extended prison sentence.
He pointed out that prison conditions included sleeping “on the hard floor” each day. Low described wearing white T-shirts and “low-quality” blue pants. Inmates are also given a standardized personal box containing two blankets, straw mat, bucket and two bars of soap and a cup. 
Low then said inmates are allowed to send e-letters to their loved ones four times a month. He thanked his pregnant wife, Cheryl Chin, for keeping his mental health in check and added that she was one of the only things that got him through his time in jail.
An excerpt from an e-letter he wrote to Chin read: “Time is relative, I know I’m not the first person to realize it and far from the most famous. And my realization had nothing to do with energy, or mass, or speed of light, or [what] Einstein might have postulated, rather it has to do with the drag of hours while I wait to see my loved ones.”
Low said he hopes that he will never have to experience prison again. He left his fans with advice, telling them to obey the law and encouraging others to “treasure your time and live in the moment.”
Low, who joined OnlyFans in April 2021 and was arrested in December 2021 after a woman discovered his videos on her niece’s phone, was also ordered to pay more than $2,000 for sharing explicit photos and videos.
He and Chin are expecting a baby daughter. 
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