Chinese Drug Trafficker Escapes Death Row Using a Screw Driver, Crawling Through Sewage Pipe

Chinese Drug Trafficker Escapes Death Row Using a Screw Driver, Crawling Through Sewage Pipe

September 25, 2020
A Chinese drug trafficker facing a death sentence in Indonesia has escaped from prison using the tunnel he dug akin to the movie “The Shawshank Redemption.”
The great escape: Cai Changpan, also known as Cai Ji Fan, broke out of the prison located in the Tangerang area on the outskirts of Jakarta on Sept. 14, according to Reuters.
  • The 37-year-old drug trafficker used the tools from a construction project in the prison’s kitchen to dig a hole inside his cell and create a narrow tunnel through the sewage system, Vice reported.
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  • Authorities were able to recover “a crowbar, chisel, screwdriver and other tools” he used to break out, Daily Mail reported.
  • Cai, who was put in death row in 2017 for smuggling 135 kilograms (298 pounds) of methamphetamine, timed his escape to the prison guard changes, spokesperson Rika Aprianti said.
  • This was a plan in the making for “five to six months,” according to his cellmate and Jakarta Police spokesman Yusri Yunus.
  • Cai invited the cellmate to escape with him, but the latter declined his offer.
  • CCTV footage captured Cai’s successful escape when he emerged from a culvert.
Screenshot via KOMPASTV
  • Cai has been placed in Indonesia’s most wanted list.
Not the first time: This is the second time Cai successfully escaped the prison.
  • He escaped in 2017 after his death sentence by making a hole in a bathroom wall using an iron rod.
  • Cai, along with other prisoners at the time, climbed a 2.5-meter (8-foot) wall to escape.
  • He was captured by the authorities three days later in West Java.
Featured Image Screenshots via (left) CNN Indonesia, (right) Daily Mail
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