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Viral video of baby eating poop while dad is distracted enrages and amuses millions in China

  • Surveillance footage of a baby eating his poop while his father is distracted on the phone has gone viral on Weibo.
  • The baby’s mother sensed that something was off when she returned home and found that all of their mat covers had been replaced and cleaned.
  • Millions of internet users were left either amused or outraged over the incident.

A video on Weibo of a 9-month-old baby playing with and eating his own feces as his father is distracted on his phone has gone viral.

The father and his son, who reside in Changchun, Jilin province of northeast China, are shown in the video next to each other as the 9-month-old plays with his feces while the father is laying on the floor, distracted by his phone. 

Toronto Man Arrested for Throwing Poop at Asian College Students

toronto poop

Toronto police have apprehended the man they believe dumped buckets of fecal matter on unsuspecting college students. 

Great work by @TorontoPolice arresting an individual in the “feces attacks” investigation. He can’t face justice or be given help until apprehended and it seems our police have that in hand. I hope this arrest will help calm concern on campuses and across the city.

Man Accidentally Swallows His AirPod While Sleeping, Films Himself Digging Through His Poop For it

After accidentally ingesting one of his AirPods in his sleep, a Taiwanese man proudly announced that he was able to retrieve and use it again after pooping it back out.

Identified by his surname Hsu, the man from Kaohsiung city, Taiwan explained that he fell asleep with the earbuds in one night and then woke up to find that the AirPod in his right ear had gone missing.

Japan is Opening an Adorable Museum of Poop

A museum dedicated to making poop look kawaii is set to open its doors in Japan next month – and it’s perfect for people who adore cartoonified poop or those who just had a really crappy day.

The museum, playfully called the Unko Museum – Unko is Japanese for poop – is going to open its doors to those who wish to see cute poop in the Aso Building, which is directly connected to Yokohama station, according to PR Times as translated by Grapee.

American Passenger Orders Taiwanese Flight Attendants to Wipe His Butt After Defecating

A female chief purser and her crew of flight attendants at Taiwanese international airline EVA Air were reportedly left traumatized after an American passenger tried to coerce them into wiping his butt after defecating.

The chief purser, identified only by her surname Kuo, revealed in a recent press conference that the passenger made unreasonable requests from the flight’s all-female cabin crew on Saturday.

Chinese Teacher Blasted for Letting Student Poop on Hong Kong Subway Floor

A teacher became widely criticized on social media after he was filmed allowing one of his students to take a dump on the floor of a local subway station in Hong Kong.

The unnamed teacher, who is reportedly from mainland China, was accompanying a group of five primary school boys on a trip through the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station when one of them suddenly had the urge to defecate.

Chinese Company Sells Tissue Paper Made From Panda Poop

A Chinese company based in Sichuan Province, China, struck a deal with the China Conservation and Research Center for the giant panda to recycle panda feces and turn it into tissue paper.

Sichuan Qianwei Fengsheng Paper Company announced on Monday that they will recycle the panda dung and food debris from the research center’s three bases located in Dujiangyan, Wolong and Bifengxia, Xinhua reported.

Japan’s Most Popular Professor is a Piece of Poop That Teaches Children Using ‘Toilet Humor’

A popular children’s book in Japan is making the rounds online for teaching children kanji, logographic Chinese characters adopted for Japanese writing, with the help of poop and toilet humor.

“Unko Kanji Doriru”, the book series roughly translated to “Poop Kanji Drills”, is surprisingly the number one educational go-to series that mothers often pick for their children to learn the written form of the Japanese language, which has 1,006 characters, according to Forbes.

Disruptive New Startup Will Send Poop to Anyone in the World for Bitcoin

Animal poop — it’s the second worse kind after baby poop, but for the low price of .05 Bitcoin ($16.50), this company will ship animal shit to anyone on your bad side, anywhere in the world.

It’s called Shit Express, and their slogan is “A simple way to send shit in a box around the world.” The process is simple — you choose an animal excrement, give an address, personalize the package for your needs, and you pay anonymously with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin.