Chinese Teacher Blasted for Letting Student Poop on Hong Kong Subway Floor

Chinese Teacher Blasted for Letting Student Poop on Hong Kong Subway Floor
Ryan General
July 31, 2018
A teacher became widely criticized on social media after he was filmed allowing one of his students to take a dump on the floor of a local subway station in Hong Kong.
The unnamed teacher, who is reportedly from mainland China, was accompanying a group of five primary school boys on a trip through the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station when one of them suddenly had the urge to defecate.
A widely-shared footage of the scene shows a subway cleaner berating the group in Cantonese as a mound of tissue covers the child’s excrement is also seen near them.
When the teacher and his students did not respond to the scolding by the worker, the woman filming the video starts speaking to them in Mandarin, Shanghaiist reports.
“We are in Hong Kong, this is not your mainland!” the woman can be heard saying.
In his defense, the teacher reasoned out that the boy was suffering from a stomach ache and was left with no choice but to let him poop in public.
“You can find someone else to help with a stomach ache,” the woman responded. “What were you thinking letting him defecate here? Children can’t help it, but you’re an adult taking them to Hong Kong and you can’t deal with such a small matter!”
“Do you see who is helping to clean up your mess? You let a child defecate and then you don’t clean it up. You want us Hongkongers to clean it up for you!” she went on.
Chinese netizens also criticized the teacher on Weibo, with many describing him as a person of “low quality” who gives Chinese people shame when visiting Hong Kong.
Featured Image via YouTube / Netizen Watch
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