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Japanese man punks the internet by ‘eating’ pet pig named Kalbi after 100-day YouTube series

pet pig gets eaten by owner

The viral Japanese YouTube channel “Eaten Pig after 100 Days” has allegedly reached its climax, causing some netizens to experience an existential crisis.

What happened: The owner first uploaded a video of Kalbi, the cute mini pig star of the YouTube channel, on May 25, when the pig was only 75 days old – the pig was born on Feb. 27, The Standard Hong Kong reported. He religiously uploaded videos of Kalbi regularly to the channel that later developed a strong following online.

Dolce & Gabbana Sparks Controversy in China Again With $1,100 ‘Year of the Pig’ Shirts

Just months after Dolce & Gabbana published a racially-insensitive ad and designer Stefano Gabbana made racist comments against the Chinese people, the fashion label is once again infuriating Chinese netizens.

This time, the Italian luxury fashion brand has drawn the public ire for selling a new line of clothes with designs inspired by the Lunar New Year.

Chinese College Student Forced to Give Up Pet ‘Miniature Pig’ After It Grows Up

pet pig

A female college student who is living in a dormitory had to make a very hard decision to give up her pet “miniature pig” after the animal grew to its full adult size. 

The student, who is studying at Guangdong Vocational College of Industry and Commerce in Guangdong, China bought the miniature pig online and she figured that it wouldn’t be that hard to keep the animal a secret from school administrators.

‘World’s Ugliest Pig’ Caught in the Wild For the First Time Ever on Camera in Indonesia

Researchers in Java, Indonesia, were thrilled to announce the first ever captured footage of the elusive and almost extinct species Javan warty pig, also known and referred to as the “World’s Ugliest Pig.”

The species, which was previously thought to have become extinct, was caught on the wild with the camera traps set up by the researchers for the study designed by Dr. Johanna Rode-Margono, a South East Asia field program coordinator at the U.K.’s Chester Zoo, alongside Indonesian researcher and Project Manager, Shafia Zahra, according to Fox News.

Chinese Farmer Builds Epic Multi-Story Platform For ‘Pig Diving’

A Chinese farmer in Shenyang has built an epic slide platform to teach his pigs to dive. The unorthodox practice of pig diving is said to increase the immune system of pigs which also enhances the quality of pork meat as well as its price.

This is something Shenyang farmer Niu Fuquan hoped to achieve as he constructed a makeshift multi-layer inclined platform specifically built for pigs of varying diving experience. According to The Daily Mail, Li Xiang Tian Yuan farm has two diving platforms for their pigs, one is a 1 meter platform and the other stands at 3 meters high.