School in China Dissects Entire Pig in Front of 600 Kindergarten Students

School in China Dissects Entire Pig in Front of 600 Kindergarten Students
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
January 22, 2018
A kindergarten in China sparked discussions on social media after it dissected a whole pig in front of students.
As seen in a viral Pear video, a man in white cut the pig open and pulled out its organs while explaining the process to more than 600 children, Sohu reported.
The kindergarten, located in Badong County, Hubei Province, reportedly informed parents of the bloody activity beforehand, but no one objected. The pig was reared in the school.
chinese kindergarten cuts pig open
The video, filmed on Jan. 19, drew mixed reactions from Chinese social media users.
Some criticized the demonstration as inappropriate, while others thought it was a good learning experience.
chinese pig dissected in front of kindergarten students
The butcher is said to be the kindergarten’s founder. Netizens wrote:
“This is really sick.”
“They’re kindergarten children. Their brains are not mature. This is ‘bloody education’ and the consequences can be serious.”
“Pig killing is a happy event of the year.”
chinese kindergarten pig butchered by founder
Principal Huang Fengli said that the activity was not traumatizing because it is a local custom that symbolizes good luck, according to NetEase.
“We are guiding the children from the perspective of anatomy to learn about the structure and organs of a pig, so as to lay their foundation for biology in the future,” The Straits Times quoted Huang as saying.
The pig was later cooked and served as part of the school’s Chinese New Year celebrations.
What do you think of the school’s demonstration? Was it too much or just fine for the children? Share your thoughts in the comments.
Watch the video below:
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