Chinese Farmer Builds Epic Multi-Story Platform For ‘Pig Diving’

Chinese Farmer Builds Epic Multi-Story Platform For ‘Pig Diving’Chinese Farmer Builds Epic Multi-Story Platform For ‘Pig Diving’
A Chinese farmer in Shenyang has built an epic slide platform to teach his pigs to dive. The unorthodox practice of pig diving is said to increase the immune system of pigs which also enhances the quality of pork meat as well as its price.
This is something Shenyang farmer Niu Fuquan hoped to achieve as he constructed a makeshift multi-layer inclined platform specifically built for pigs of varying diving experience. According to The Daily Mail, Li Xiang Tian Yuan farm has two diving platforms for their pigs, one is a 1 meter platform and the other stands at 3 meters high.
The bottom part of the platform designed for piglets that are still novice at the art of pig diving. Experienced pigs, on the other hand, are more suited to take on the 3 meter platform which can accommodate bigger pigs weighing over 100 pounds.
This unusual contraption might stupefy the pigs at first but the Chinese farmer makes sure that the pigs are well guided in taking their plunge with the help of his wooden stick. However, diving isn’t the only thing that helps pigs in improving their health and quality – it’s also the swimming aspect, which provides the pig its much needed exercise.
In addition, the sight of seeing pigs taking a nosedive from great heights certainly has its entertainment value, which is why Niu opted them to dive instead of just swim. Mr. Niu revealed that he originally wanted the pigs to just swim so that the pork will have better texture but admitted that it was not “eye-catching enough.”
While pig diving might seem like a very unusual practice, it’s actually quite popular in certain parts of China; in fact, the trend of pig diving was made popular five years ago courtesy of a Chinese farmer in the province of Hunan who even made the trend a local tourist attraction.
This just goes to show that, even if pigs are still incapable of flying, they certainly are capable of diving. Check out the video below for more high-flying and pork-soaring action that is pig diving.
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