Japanese man punks the internet by ‘eating’ pet pig named Kalbi after 100-day YouTube series

Japanese man punks the internet by ‘eating’ pet pig named Kalbi after 100-day YouTube series
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
September 3, 2021
The viral Japanese YouTube channel “Eaten Pig after 100 Days” has allegedly reached its climax, causing some netizens to experience an existential crisis.
What happened: The owner first uploaded a video of Kalbi, the cute mini pig star of the YouTube channel, on May 25, when the pig was only 75 days old – the pig was born on Feb. 27, The Standard Hong Kong reported. He religiously uploaded videos of Kalbi regularly to the channel that later developed a strong following online.
  • Some of his video content includes him playing with the pig, taking it out for a walk and feeding it. The owner also celebrated Kalbi’s “half birthday” in late August.
  • Kalbi was allegedly eaten by his owner on Wednesday after reaching the 100th-day mark as promised in his channel’s name, Mothership reported.
  • The video uploaded on Wednesday begins with the owner petting Kalbi before putting the adorable pig inside a pet carrier bag. The two then travel to an unspecified location where he leaves his pet pig. He then returns later to that location to pick up a sealed cardboard box containing what appears to be a dead pig that is the same size as Kalbi.
  • The man then seasons and cooks the pig. He is later seen saying his grace before eating his meal. Soon after, the scene changes to the owner praying before lighting incense and placing it on a makeshift altar on top of Kalbi’s bed.
  • The video ends with a montage of scenes showing Kalbi growing up. However, many viewers pointed out that there is a brief message on the bottom right of the screen before it cuts out that reads: “This story is fiction.”
Reaction: Many were shocked by the ending of the video, with one comment saying, “Now he lives with you forever.”
  • However, even though the video is fictional, one user said Kalbi made him realize the value of life. He pointed out that while he was relieved to know the story was fiction, another pig still had to die in order for the video to be made.
Image via Mothership
Image via Eaten Pig after 100 days
Image via Eaten Pig after 100 days
Featured Image via Eaten Pig after 100 days
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