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YouTube Finally Punishes Logan Paul For Filming a Suicide Victim, And It’s Going to Cost Him

Nearly two weeks after the incident in Aokigahara, YouTube is finally handing down punishment to Logan Paul.

YouTube, who remained silent on the incident until Tuesday, had been criticized by netizens for the general lack of response; on Wednesday, they announced their decision regarding Paul’s disrespect towards a suicide victim’s dead body.

World’s #1 YouTuber Breaks Down After BTS Unfollows Him on Twitter

K-pop band and recent Billboard Music Award winners BTS unfollowed Swedish YouTube gamer PewDiePie on Twitter and everything hurts, at least for him.

After YouTube’s biggest star uploaded a video on his channel on May 17, jokingly titled “My Coming Out Story”, where he expresses his deep appreciation for the K-pop group’s good looks and dance moves, BTS apparently clicked the “unfollow” button.

Warner Bros. Was Secretly Paying Youtubers Tons of Money to Promote Games

A settlement between the Federal Trade Commission and Warner Bros. was reached on Monday following the allegation that the entertainment company failed to “adequately disclose” paying online influencers to make good reviews.

The FTC charged Warner Bros. of deceiving consumers during the marketing period of “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor,” a video game launched in September 2014. Sponsored videos were viewed more than 5.5 million times during the campaign, according to the official press release.

How a Former Hot Dog Stand Worker Became a Multi-millionaire YouTuber

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, thinks of himself as the world’s biggest unknown celebrity.

PewDiePie is a Swedish Youtube creator who specializes in Let’s Play videos, wherein viewers are taken through a playthrough, usually with commentary, of a video game. As of this writing, Kjellberg’s channel is the most-viewed Youtube channel of all time with over 9.3 billion views and is also the most-subscribed channel on YouTube with over 37.7 million fans.