YouTuber PewDiePie fulfills longtime dream of relocating to Japan

YouTuber PewDiePie fulfills longtime dream of relocating to Japan
Ryan General
May 12, 2022
Felix Kjellberg, popularly known as PewDiePie on YouTube, has moved to Japan with his wife Marzia and their pet dogs. 
The Swedish gaming streamer, who has over 111 million subscribers on YouTube, documented their journey from London to Japan in his latest video upload published on May 10. 

In the 14-minute clip, Kjellberg is seen getting his 5-year business visa approved and trying to sort out the best way to relocate from Brighton, where he has lived since 2013, with his pugs, whose breathing issues prevent them from traveling through cargo. 
Not wanting to risk the safety of their pets, the couple rented a private jet. 
“We’re flying private jet because my dog is too fat,” Kjellberg said in jest.
The move had been a long-time dream for Kjellberg, who has often talked about purchasing a house in Japan back in 2019.
“For so long we doubted whether we could even make this move, and we went through all the ups and downs, and obviously it’s been a really long journey,” Kjellberg said in the video. “But I just really, really appreciate everyone who was supportive of us going … it just feels amazing to be here, finally.”
The YouTuber told his viewers that they are “going to take some days to settle in” and “can’t wait for the next chapter of [their] lives.”
Kjellberg was able to finally make the move after Japan relaxed its COVID-19 entry rules for some visa-holders. 
While the country remains closed to tourists, Japan started opening up its borders to allow in foreign business visitors, students and other new residents in March. 
Feature Image via PewDiePie
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