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‘Overwatch’ Team Manager Fired After Twitch Streamer Accuses Him of Sexual Assault

Max ‘Hotaruz’ Bateman, the manager of “Overwatch League” team San Francisco Shock under NRG Esports, was fired on Monday after Twitch streamer Krystlin accused him of sexual assault.

Andy Miller, founder and chairman of NRG Esports and owner of Shock, took to Twitter earlier this week to announce that Bateman is no longer part of the company under NRG Esport’s zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual assault.

Meet Feodor Chin, the Voice Behind the Chillest Overwatch Character Ever

Tracer may be the face of Overwatch, but the only character in the video game franchise who can both keep your team alive and bash an enemy’s face in with the balls floating around his neck is Tekhartha Zenyatta.

In the game Zenyatta, a Buddhist monk in the body of an omnic, was a part of a religious order known as the “Shambali” before deciding to travel the world to promote peace between humans and robots following the Omnic Crisis.