Pro ‘Overwatch’ Team’s Intense Training Schedule is Downright Unhealthy

Pro ‘Overwatch’ Team’s Intense Training Schedule is Downright UnhealthyPro ‘Overwatch’ Team’s Intense Training Schedule is Downright Unhealthy
Most eSports professional teams have a strict and intense training schedule to keep them in top shape, but “Overwatch” pro team Shanghai Dragons revealed a borderline unhealthy regimen.
The Shanghai Dragons have a losing streak in the current season of the “Overwatch” League, according to Mashable.
To reassure fans that the team is doing their best to win matches, Shanghai Dragons manager Yang Van went into detail regarding the member’s training schedule.
Van wrote in his TwitLonger post:
We have the most intensive training scheme among all the teams, ever since we arrived last December. Our daily schedule starts at 10:30am as we leave for training facilities and return to our houses around 10:30 to 11:00pm, with a possible training extension to 12:00am; we train six days a week with one day off. During mid-stages, we have 3-4 days off depends on other teams’ schedule (if we can have scrims with them).”
Shanghai Dragons have not won a single match since the season kicked off in January, and such a grueling training schedule may be the reason.
Professional gamers have a 72-hour work week for five weeks straight, Mashable noted. This means that they spend most of their waking hours sitting in front of a computer, staring at the screen and repeating same routine every day.
However, Van revealed that the team gets to have a few days off from their competitive life. They usually get three to four days off, of a total 10-day break.
Despite the intense schedule, some players continue to play other games during their off days, which has many of their fans worried that they are playing too much instead of resting.
I think it’s worth a discussion on how players, who are passionate about games, should relax themselves when living in US and having a daily schedule almost nothing but training and rest. But this does not mean that we’ve ever let up on training on Overwatch. We are still putting every minute during training days into Overwatch, in order to solve existing problems of the team,” he said, adding, “We hope we can win a game sooner to answer fans’ support.”
Featured Image via Twitter / Shanghai Dragons
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