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Chinese Employees Watch More Porn Than Anyone Else at the Office, Survey Reveals

China has surpassed everyone else to become the largest smartphone market in the world, and, with that, they have now become the most prolific watchers of porn, especially on the devices their employers give them.

Enterprise security firm Blue Coat Systems polled 1,580 respondents in 11 countries to discover that 19% of Chinese employees watch porn on office devices at work — that’s three times the global average of 6%.

New Study Reveals Why Being Good at Your Job Might Not Really Be a Good Thing

Apparently, working today doesn’t always just mean eating tomorrow. It might also mean working even harder tomorrow to eat the same the day after.

A new study from researchers at Duke University, University of Georgia and University of Colorado finds that competent, hardworking employees experience higher performance expectations, are often assigned more tasks and are often unhappier because of it, according to The Atlantic.

The Key to Success is Looking Like You Work Hard, Study Suggests

If you’re looking to get ahead professionally, hard work might not be the best way to get there.

According to a new study, the appearance of hard work might actually be the true ticket to success. Erin Reid, Harvard University School of Business professor and author of the study, found that employees who were able to pass as hard workers and fake a heavy workload were just as successful as those who actually logged the most time.