What Your Desk at Work Says About You

What Your Desk at Work Says About You
Editorial Staff
September 21, 2015
The way people make use of their space says a lot about their personality and character.
MrPorter.com compiled a series of drawings that portray the different types of people according to their desks. The common belief that a person’s office space is a visual representation of their state of mind is depicted in the illustrations below. Which one do you identify with?
The Family Guy
You can spot this parent from a mile away based on all the family pictures. This family-oriented business professional probably has a good work-life balance.
The Show-Off
This is the colleague that pimps out his or her workspace with all the coolest gadgets and tech gear. There may also be a few awards, trophies or marathon medals.
 The Minimalist
You can’t even tell this desk belongs to someone because there is nothing on it. How can a person have such few things?
The Hoarder
You can’t tell this is a desk because there’s so much crap on it. How does someone accumulate so much junk?
 The Action Man
This is your fitness fanatic colleague who lives at Crossfit and eats chicken breast for lunch everyday. This person keeps protein powder under their desk and chugs it for breakfast.
h/t: Designtaxi
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