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Chinese K-pop singer attacked online, told to ‘go back to China’ for not kneeling down to fans

  • Chinese “Everglow” K-pop star Wang Yiren sparked a controversy online for not bowing down to greet her fans at an event in Seoul.
  • The rest of the group members were seen bowing deeply to their fans as a sign of respect that is part of the Korean New Years tradition.
  • While there are Chinese netizens applauding Wang for offering a traditional Chinese salute to fans, many South Korean netizens have deemed her gesture “disrespectful.”
  • Wang’s management company has also announced her temporary break on Monday to return to China.

The Chinese singer Wang Yiren from the K-pop group “Everglow” received backlash from South Korean fans after favoring traditional Chinese etiquette over the Korean New Year’s tradition of bowing to greet fans in Seoul.

The controversial gesture 

7 Asian Drinking Games You Can Play to Ring in the New Year

Asian drinking games

It’s not exactly a secret that Asians love to drink. Despite the curse of the Asian glow which haunts many of us, nothing will get in the way of our forbidden love for soju and sake.

Games like beer pong and flip cup have been mainstream for years now, but these games are becoming more and more monotonous by the second. If you’re looking to kick things up a notch this Christmas or New Year’s Eve, try some of these Asian drinking games that are sure to get you feeling jolly in a matter of minutes and deeply regretful by morning.

K-Pop Powerhouse BTS Just Made History AGAIN

K-pop group BTS will become the first-ever Korean group to perform at ABC’s prestigious annual event “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” 2018. It’s reported that BTS has already recorded their upcoming act as early as November at the time their thrilling AMA performance went down.

However, BTS won’t be considered as the first Korean act since singer PSY took those honors with his performance during the iconic event back in 2013, according to Billboard. This doesn’t change the fact that the K-pop group will achieve another historical feat on December 31 since earning a spot at the Guinness Book of World Records.

Terrifying New Year’s Firework Accident Leaves 10 People Injured in Malaysia

A New Year’s Day celebration in Malaysia resulted in a horrible tragedy after a fireworks display mishap during a show caused injury to ten individuals.

Panic erupted after several fireworks failed to blast off into the air and started exploding on the ground during the New Year’s Day fireworks spectacle held at the Pandamaran Sports Complex in the seaside town of Port Klang.

Club Bouncer Wearing a GoPro Reveals How Terrible People Can Be on New Year’s Eve

With the craziness of New Year’s festivities coming to an end, it is time to give a round of applause to the people who spent their New Year’s Eve maintaining order for the rest of us. In honor of this past New Year’s celebration, a bouncer who worked at the Gatsby Sound House and Bar uploaded a hilarious video he recorded on New Year’s Eve 2014 with his GoPro. The video, shot in Ontario, highlights the struggles of drunken New Year’s Eve revelers and the incredible tolerance bouncers have for such people. Watch how this bouncer dealt with the drunken masses.