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Magical Machine Blows Any Ordinary Rice Cooker Out of the Water

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t get any weirder, a video of a “strange rice cooker” is going viral for what it makes out of rice. Of course, this isn’t just any machine, it’s actually a mochi maker!

The video, which was first published by a Japanese YouTube channel in December 2018, has gone massively viral on Facebook with over 37 million views and possibly counting when the page, Taste Life, re-posted it in April.

Taiwanese F-16 Fighter Pilot Criticized for Packing Boxes of Mochi in Jet

In a move that might make Top Gun’s Maverick smile, a mid-level officer was reported to be transporting two boxes of mochi in his cockpit, according to Taiwan News.

Air Force 401st Tactical Composite Wing Colonel Kuo Chih-hua (郭志華) was able to positively identify the officer and said that the branch would be issuing a reprimand for carrying a deemed contraband item.