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McDonald’s China unveils chocolate mochi burger, prawn and pineapple burger for Children’s Day

  • To celebrate the upcoming Children’s Day, McDonald’s China has released nine new items: the Galaxy soda, sea salt coconut McFlurry, star-shaped hash browns, sour plum dip, green pepper dip, prawn and pineapple burger, blueberry cheese pie and chocolate mochi mini burger.
  • These items will only be available after the breakfast period in participating McDonald’s stores in China between May 25 to June 7.

McDonald’s China introduced space-exploration-themed food to their menu to celebrate Children’s Day.

International Children’s Day is a worldwide holiday declared by the United Nations to protect children’s rights and to honor the children who were killed by Nazis during World War II. The Shanghai China Salesian Society established Children’s Day in China in 1932 and have since been giving children under the age of 14 a day off from school to enjoy their childhood every June 1. Not only can children spend time with their family or go to Children’s Day events, they are also free to enjoy their favorite foods or try new ones, like the creative new menu inspired by the child-like wonder of space exploration.

Magical Machine Blows Any Ordinary Rice Cooker Out of the Water

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t get any weirder, a video of a “strange rice cooker” is going viral for what it makes out of rice. Of course, this isn’t just any machine, it’s actually a mochi maker!

The video, which was first published by a Japanese YouTube channel in December 2018, has gone massively viral on Facebook with over 37 million views and possibly counting when the page, Taste Life, re-posted it in April.

Taiwanese F-16 Fighter Pilot Criticized for Packing Boxes of Mochi in Jet

In a move that might make Top Gun’s Maverick smile, a mid-level officer was reported to be transporting two boxes of mochi in his cockpit, according to Taiwan News.

Air Force 401st Tactical Composite Wing Colonel Kuo Chih-hua (郭志華) was able to positively identify the officer and said that the branch would be issuing a reprimand for carrying a deemed contraband item.