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Report: China’s state-run outlets promote ‘pro-Russian’ narrative of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

  • Chinese state-run media outlets are reportedly promoting pro-Russian talking points in their domestic coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • A recent analysis by CNN alleged that Weibo posts by outlets such as CCTV, the People’s Daily and Xinhua go against the neutral position the Chinese government has been portraying.
  • Nearly half of the over 300 most-shared Ukraine-related posts during the first eight days of Russia's invasion were reportedly found to be “distinctly pro-Russian.”
  • Meanwhile, Chinese state-owned international news channel CGTN has seemingly been promoting pro-Russian talking points via Facebook advertisements that target global users.

A recent analysis conducted by CNN alleged that nearly half of the over 300 most-shared Ukraine-related social media posts by Chinese state-run media outlets were “distinctly pro-Russian.”

The analysis looked into 14 major outlets’ Weibo posts from the first eight days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Details in the posts that were not directly lifted from Russia’s own state media were attributed to Russian authorities. 

Chinese hotpot chain Haidilao accused of keeping files on customers’ dining habits, physical appearance

  • Chinese hotpot chain Haidilao has come under fire after a woman claimed that its restaurants keeps files on customers’ physical appearances and spending habits.
  • The woman posted photos on local social media platform Xiaohongshu that allegedly show the restaurant’s labeling system based on physical traits and order styles.
  • The woman claims that the manager of a Haidilao restaurant has in response to her post offered compensation with a gift and an apology.
  • While some users feel that the records are an invasion of privacy, others believe that it is harmless as long as the information is not public.

Chinese hotpot chain Haidilao has been swept up in online controversy after a woman claimed that its restaurants keeps detailed files on customers’ restaurant habits and physical appearances.

According to South China Morning Post, a Shanghai woman by the profile name “Naliyouzhimiao” uploaded a post on local social media and e-commerce platform Xiaohongshu stating that Haidilao has been secretly keeping records of customers’ information such as their physical appearances and observed behaviors. 

Apink’s ‘Dilemma’: Legendary K-pop girl group’s comeback song sounds like a Cantonese swear

apink dilemma
  • K-pop girl group Apink’s long-awaited comeback song “Dilemma” has amused Cantonese speakers because of the song name and lyrics’ phonetic similarity to a popular swear.
  • A fan told two members of the group at a recent virtual fan meeting and recorded their shocked reactions.
  • Considered part of the second generation of K-pop idols to come out of Hallyu, or the South Korean wave, Apink has kept their fans waiting for a full-length album since 2016.

Legendary K-pop girl group Apink is turning heads – including their own — as a result of how similar the name and lyrics of their comeback song “Dilemma” sounds to a Cantonese swear.

On Feb. 14, the veteran group, under IST Entertainment, released their fourth Korean studio album “Horn,” which was marketed as a special album to celebrate it having been over 10 years since their 2011 debut.

‘Please come again’: Japanese train station mails back passenger’s lost item with touching message

tokyo train
  • Twitter user @GlraFFE posted about a train station in Japan’s Hokuriko region that mailed back their lost travel tumbler with a sweet message.
  • The user, who lives in the Kanto region of Japan, would have had to travel back about 249 miles to retrieve it and asked the train station to mail the tumbler to their home.
  • When the tumbler arrived, the user found a heartwarming message attached, prompting many other social media users to comment on the post to share similar experiences.

Twitter user @GlraFFE shared a heartwarming story about a train station in Japan that returned their lost tumbler along with a sweet message.

Upon arriving at home, the Twitter user realized they had lost their tumbler on the Shinkansen bullet train in the Hokuriku region of Japan. After calling the station, GlraFFE was informed that the lost item had been found and requested that it be mailed back due to the long distance between their home and the train station, reported SoraNews24.

US Olympian alleges his Twitter was suspended after he praised China on ‘stellar job’ hosting Winter Games

aaron blunck
  • Aaron Blunck, a three-time U.S. Olympic skier, alleged that his Twitter account was suspended after he complimented China’s operation of the Beijing Olympics.
  • During a press conference interview with reporters on Sunday, the 25-year-old praised China’s handling of COVID-19 protocols and criticized the media’s coverage of the Games.
  • Blunck’s Twitter was purportedly suspended shortly after, and he took to Instagram to question the platform’s alleged decision.
  • Several of Blunck’s teammates have shared his positive sentiment about the Olympic Village in Beijing.

U.S. Olympic skier Aaron Blunck alleged that his Twitter account was suspended after he praised China for a “stellar job” hosting the Winter Olympics and criticized media coverage of the Games.  

The 25-year-old athlete told reporters in a press conference on Sunday that China had done “a stellar job with the whole Covid protocol,” reported the Washington Examiner. “Being stateside, you kind of heard of some pretty bad media, and that is completely false.”

Daisy Veerasingham becomes first woman and POC president to lead the Associated Press

The Associated Press has named Daisy Veerasingham to succeed retiring AP President Gary Pruitt in January, making her the first person of color, woman and international citizen to hold the position in the media company’s 175-year history.

Big promotion: Veerasingham, 51, received her second promotion this year during an AP board of directors meeting last week, according to The Economic Times.

‘Nerd’, ‘bad driver’, ‘exotic woman’: More than a third of API characters in main roles embody a trope or stereotype, study finds

Asian and Pacific Islander (API) characters remain poorly represented in Hollywood, with even those in main roles still embodying tropes and stereotypes that reinforce discrimination, according to a new study.

Key findings: The inaugural research, titled “I Am Not a Fetish or Model Minority,” found that 35.2% of API characters in main title casts embodied at least one common Asian trope or stereotype. These include the “nerd,” the “bad driver” and the “exotic woman,” to name a few.

Teen Vogue Appoints NowThis Managing Editor Versha Sharma as New Editor-in-Chief

teen vogue

Versha Sharma, an outgoing managing editor for NowThis, is now the new editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, the publication announced on Monday.

The new editor-in-chief: Anna Wintour, the global editorial director of Vogue and the chief content officer of Condé Nast, described Sharma, 34, as a natural leader “with a global perspective and deep understanding of local trends and issues,” the New York Times reported.

‘Do You Speak English?’: Asian American CNN Producer Arrested While Covering Daunte Wright Protest

Carolyn Sung

An Asian American producer for CNN was thrown to the ground and arrested while covering a protest for Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on April 13.

Unlawful arrest: Carolyn Sung was covering a protest following the murder of Daunte Wright, 20, an unarmed Black man shot and killed by an officer, when she was ordered to leave, according to CNN.