How I Pick Up Asian Girls For a Living By Manipulating the Media

How I Pick Up Asian Girls For a Living By Manipulating the MediaHow I Pick Up Asian Girls For a Living By Manipulating the Media
David Bond
May 22, 2016
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My name is David Bond, and I make a living approaching Asian women on youtube and selling travel guides online. In the past two years I’ve successfully tricked, trolled and pranked the media in Asia into giving me millions and millions of free traffic.
I’ve been on televised Eastern news over 35 times and have been the subject of controversy in many parts of Asia for the past two years over my YouTube channel and my travel guides.
How It All Began
In 2014 I had a video that took place in Hong Kong go viral. It was a video where a friend of mine appeared to steal a Chinese guy’s girlfriend from him. The video topped out at 3.5 million views and made the news in Hong Kong for about two months. The truth was the guy wasn’t not only her boyfriend but was a random guy who just started talking to her.
All of this attention at first was very scary. Thousands of people were accusing me of being this bad guy, and my reaction was to try and set the story straight. There was so much racial debate swirling around the video, which was based on lies about me and what happened.
After many inquiries, I finally agreed to short interviews with Hong Kong media outlets. I remember answering their questions, trying to give long and detailed answers about the truth and why the controversy was completely based on false assumptions made by the viewers.
Many of these media outlets seemed annoyed over the real story and so resorted to asking me personal questions about my sex life. Eventually I did answer some of them honestly. I later looked over the coverage of my interview and noticed none of the honest answers I spent so much time giving them were featured, but instead they highlighted the very brief answers of mine which were sexual in nature.
Essentially the media outlets had no interest in what really happened because the truth did not fit the national narrative — which is that foreigners are sexual deviants, or that foreign influence is not good for the country.
I noticed that while all of my efforts to explain the real story and to justify myself were completely ignored, anything I’d say or show that fit the narrative would instantly blow up.
My Strategy
Drunk and bored one night, I messaged one of the media outlets on Facebook to tell them I had another video from Hong Kong that involved different girls.
One hour later my “lie” was put into a front-page article.
During this time I’d pay virtual assistants to translate articles about me. I noticed similar words in the headlines and eventually figured out what words in Chinese were being used to describe me. I’d Google those words and found other articles about foreigners being “bad boys” that were written long before me.
Some of these stories were so innocent it was almost confusing why they were newsworthy.
I realized I made a discovery, and I had an idea on how to trigger this attention on demand.
I tested my theory, and it worked.
I launched my first website, which was a website where people would have to pay $17 to get access to videos I uploaded of me traveling, on dates, or exploring different countries. All of the videos were innocent: for example, a 45-minute video of me riding a motorbike in Vietnam or a video of me and my girlfriend in Japan looking at temples.
I then told the media outlets that covered me that I launched a website with videos from Hong Kong.
I then paid dozens of virtual assistants to lie and message the media outlets in Chinese that my website contained sexual videos.
It worked, and within days thousands of dollars were being dumped into my bank account by Chinese men who believed the Hong Kong media — who by the way did absolutely zero fact-checking.
I was literally turning lies into profit.
Keep in mind, the website did not mention sexuality or claim to host anything sexual at all. I directly was not lying to anyone or scamming anyone. It’s not like the website said, “Pay for sexual videos” or anything. It simply said, “Check out more of my travel videos.”
In addition to that I had no guilt over this because technically my reputation was being completely destroyed online by Asian media outlets. For example, if CNN did a story about me being a rapist with absolutely no evidence, I could sue for defamation — but these scumbag Asian outlets had no problem completely lying about who I am, what I do, or what I think. The opportunity to have another flashy “foreigners are bad” story was too good to let facts or truth get in the way of the attention.
To this day my jaw still drops over the factual claims made about me with zero evidence. One Korean news channel even said I teach men to scream “Pikachu” at women and that I sell porn.
How to Score Asian Media Coverage
In the past two years, after dozens of translations and study of Asian-based media outlets, I’ve developed an attention trigger system that allows me to essentially troll the Eastern media for traffic.
So essentially i’ve identified which Asian countries have a cultural narrative that involves foreigner fear and found a way to exploit it on demand for profit.
In many parts of Asia there’s a cultural narrative that states foreigners and foreign influence is bad, and so anything that seems to reinforce that idea is an easy story for Eastern-based news outlets. To make an analogy that people might understand, in liberal parts of the United States there’s a cultural narrative that gun laws should be more strict, so any story of gun violence is instantly put all over the news — whereas a story of guns being used to stop crime never make the news. The principle is that news runs on people’s attention, and anything that re-enforces the existing beliefs of the people is a quick and easy way to get attention.
In a way, i’ve come up with a way to convert racism, lies, and hate into cash.
Here’s an example me trolling my way into a magazine.
I paid two virtual assistants to message Face magazine that they had a “David Bond Sighting” in Hong Kong, and shortly after they asked me if I was. I then pretended to be shocked that they knew I was in Hong Kong (I was really at my mom’s house in Fresno, California.)
I asked my girlfriend at the time to get in her panties and pretend to pull my pants down. I uploaded the video and told Face magazine that I was with a Hong Kong girl and was too busy to chat. Knowing the formula I knew this would work. It had all the right elements: foreigner seducing local girls, hints at a sexual video, etc. A week later someone sent me a photo of the front page of the magazine and it had a screenshot from the video we recorded.
My girlfriend and I laughed our heads off as the Paypal notifications rolled in from all the traffic my YouTube channel and website had received from my trolling.
During this time to keep my story alive i’d use fake facebook accounts acting as young asian girls who claimed to knew me in real life. Having read so many ‘foreigners are bad’ stories I knew exactly the type of content they we’re excited to blow up. I’d proceed to “leak” photos of myself as well as short stories about myself – anything that would make me appear as some sexual predator with the power to bed local girls would instantly go viral and keep sales going.
I’d ask my girlfriend in the US to wear one of her Japanese school girl outfits, then leak a photo of me with a “Japanese girl” in Japan. I’d pretend to be a girl and “leak” photos of me at clubs with girls. I’d leak photos of me with girls I used to date from years ago, and claim they were in whatever country I was trolling that week.
If you watch the David Bond News Coverage Compilation v 1.0 video you can see the photos they show, almost all of them were leaked by me, but the news reports it as “an anonymous source”
Here’s another example.
I noticed a small bump in Korean traffic from my channel and tracked the source and noticed there was a Korean blog that covered my channel. The article said I had a YouTube channel where I pick up girls in Japan and also sold a video guide on how to get laid in Japan.
A copycat blog then covered the same story, and I knew it was a great time to pour some gasoline on the small fire.
I quickly edited a fake trailer announcing “Korea: By David Bond,” the “guide” on getting Korean girls. I made a quick landing page that said “Stay Tuned” with a fake Photoshopped plane ticket showing that I was going to Korea.
I uploaded the video and even bragged to my friends in my private Facebook group that it would make news in a week.
The video got 30,000 views in 24 hours, and within two days I was all over the Korean news.
In the next seven days I had over 2 million hits in traffic.
The Korean media made a story about an “American playboy” coming to Korea and how local women should watch out. They also claimed I sell porn and scream “Pikachu” at girls. I don’t know where the Pikachu thing or the pornstar thing came from, but whatever.
Knowing that internet porn in Korea is illegal, I hiked my prices for all my digital products. One video site went from $17 to $197. I then hiked my Japan guide and hiked the upsells by 40 percent.
My trolling worked as planned — another gullible Eastern media outlet vomiting regurgitated rumors with no fact-checking.
The good thing about my latest traffic trigger troll was the whole thing paid my rent for the next two years. Thanks, Korea.
There’s No Such Thing as Bad Publicity
As tempting as it is to try and clear my name or correct the lies about me, it’s in my best interest for the hate, the rumors, and the lies to spread — hate, lies, and rumors all drive traffic and sales.
The good thing is many of my fans only knew about me from the bad press I helped to create, and many of my haters slowly turn into fans.
The truth is despite being American, my content really resonates with a predominantly Eastern male demographic. In fact, over 95 percent of my sales are from the East. Based on the non-stop interaction I have with my audience, many men in the East feel more cultural pressure to behave in a polite way, and this can make meeting girls more difficult, especially if they’re strangers. So watching a person who is behaving free of the pressure can evoke extreme hate or extreme inspiration.
In fact I get many private messages secretly thanking me for content.
One of my favorite moments happened recently in Bangkok, where I’m currently living. I was approached by a Japanese guy who asked if I was David Bond. He said, “Wow! I love your videos!” and we talked for a bit. We later went to a strip club together and had a few laughs.
I’m going to take a small break from the Eastern media button pushing. I launched “Thailand — A Single Man’s Guide” and am currently living in Thailand. Two years of media manipulation and trolling is still driving traffic and sales. For now I just want to enjoy life in Thailand where all I do is sleep in late, swim in my rooftop pool with my girlfriends, and go out to do street photography. Besides, if things ever get slow I have an atomic media troll in my back pocket for emergencies.
Stay tuned.
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