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Vegan Man Gets Annihilated By Asians After Saying Hot Pot Looks Like ‘Leftover Dishwater’ on Twitter

hot pot

An Australian musician has earned the collective ire of Asian netizens after dissing a popular Asian dish on social media.

“I Killed The Prom Queen” guitarist Jona Weinhofen recently posted an image of a Chinese hot pot on Twitter with the caption: “Meat eaters be like ‘vegan food looks and tastes gross’ And then eat something that looks like leftover dishwater.”

99 Ranch in San Jose Under Fire After ‘Pork Delivery’ Photos Go Viral

asian supermarket pork delivered unwrapped in shopping carts

Authorities in California are investigating images of unwrapped pork meat being delivered in shopping carts, which recently went viral on Facebook.

According to the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health, its office received multiple complaints on Friday after photos of the meat purportedly being delivered to a 99 Ranch Market in San Jose, California were posted on social media.

Why You’re Probably a Hypocrite if You Judge People Who Eat Dogs

I have never eaten dog meat, simply because I grew up in a society which groomed me to treat dogs as “man’s best friend.”

So with an emotional connection with canines, I eat the meat of other animals instead and feel alright about it because it seems fine, as the majority of the civilized world has deemed it so. Even my two pet dogs and one cat share my appetite for beef, pork chops and fried chicken.

Meet the Man Who Sells the World’s Most Expensive Meat

The most expensive meat in the world is offered by a Frenchman who goes so far as to speaking to his cattle daily so that they are calm and relaxed.

The Polmard boucherie in Paris’ St. Germain des Pres quarter is run by Alexandre Polmard, a sixth-generation butcher whose lineage is famous for their quality meat offerings since 1846, when the family business first opened. The business gained even more fame in the 1990s after Polmard’s grandfather and father developed and introduced a treatment that allowed meat to be kept for a purportedly indefinite amount of time.

People Who Like Their Steaks Well Done May Suffer Serious Health Problems, Study Suggests

Eating well-done steak may lead to a higher risk of diabetes and symptoms related to Alzheimer’s, according to a new study.

The study, conducted at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, found that when certain foods are browned or blackened, they develop a type of glycotoxin, a compound that was shown to cause insulin resistance, which precedes diabetes, and memory and cognitive problems closely related to dementia.