San Francisco crowned best US city for Filipino food

San Francisco crowned best US city for Filipino foodSan Francisco crowned best US city for Filipino food
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San Francisco is the best city for Filipino food in the U.S., according to a new report.
Best cities for Filipino food: The latest Price of Meat report, which helps consumers find high-quality meat, showcased the 20 best cities for Filipino food, with San Francisco ranking as the top city. Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego, Honolulu, San Jose and Houston complete the top 10 list.
About the rankings: The rankings were based on factors such as the number of Filipino restaurants, food award nominations, presence of Jollibee fast food locations and the overall enthusiasm for Filipino cuisine in each metro area. 
About San Francisco: San Francisco, which is the second most populous region for Filipinos in the U.S., showcases its strong ties to Filipino culture through festivals and events while providing a range of dining establishments that specialize in Filipino dishes.
“The success of establishments like Abacá, which received a James Beard Award nomination, highlights the exceptional quality and creativity of Filipino food in San Francisco,” the organization wrote. “Additionally, multiple Jollibee locations reflect the city’s appreciation for Filipino cuisine.”
For those who have not had Filipino food, the Price of Meat recommends dishes such as lumpia, adobo, pancit and the traditional dessert Halo-Halo
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Celebration of cultural diversity: While the ranking reflects the increasing popularity of Filipino food across the U.S., Price of Meat also views the report as a celebration of cultural diversity within the nation’s food scene.
“This report is not just about recognizing the best cities for Filipino food. It’s also about celebrating the cultural diversity that makes our nation’s food scene so vibrant and unique,” said the organization’s Robert Greene, according to Newswire.
The organization encourages food lovers to explore the listed cities and enjoy the wide array of Filipino dishes available, from traditional to innovative fusion creations.
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