Japan Now Has a $2,600 Bento Box With 10 Pounds of Wagyu Beef

Japan Now Has a $2,600 Bento Box With 10 Pounds of Wagyu BeefJapan Now Has a $2,600 Bento Box With 10 Pounds of Wagyu Beef
Taiwan might be home to the most expensive beef noodle soup, but Japan’s gargantuan bento includes a whopping 9.9 pounds (4.5 kilograms) worth of wagyu beef with an enormous 292,929 yen ($2,615) price tag.
Ordering Japan’s mountainous beef bento box also includes 21,698 yen ($194) worth of sales tax, and costs time since orders usually take two weeks to arrive.
The epic meal’s price isn’t just justified by its unique cow-shaped partitions on its wooden 60-centimeter (23.6-inch) box, but also by its premium wagyu beef meat.
This bento contains wagyu beef from Tottori Prefecture and is considered as the highest quality beef in Japan, according to SoraNews24.
The meal doesn’t include any vegetable sides whatsoever, but Tottori-grown Kinu Musume rice is placed under the juicy meat and goes along with a variety of condiments at the bottom area of the bento.
The condiments consist of a pear and wasabi dipping sauce, which is also made from homegrown ingredients. The bento’s beef-shaped partitions aren’t just for show either, since each compartment represents a part of the cow that the scrumptious strips of meat come from.
Meat isn’t the only thing that’s well-done in this bento as the craftsmanship of the box itself is so well-polished that it could easily be re-used in another meal.
The beef box is handcrafted for each order and includes a chopstick placeholder, and, of course, 10 kinds of rare beef parts including prime rib, tenderloin, sirloin tip, brisket, and the chuck tender.
Photo via Gochikuru
Customers might need to place their orders soon at delivery service Gochikuru since the epic Tottori Wagyu Complete Cow bento is only a limited-time offer, with orders being accepted between now and March 31, 2018.
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