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Boston’s first woman-of-color mayor in 200 years could be Asian American

Boston mayor election has two women of color at the top

Two women of color have taken the most votes in the mayoral primary election, meaning on Nov. 2 Boston will have for the first time in its history a woman and a person of color occupying the mayor’s office.

Runoff election results: Tuesday’s primary election saw city councilors Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George taking the top and second-highest votes with Wu leading George by over 11,700 votes, reported WBZ.

Pro-Gun SF Mayor Candidate Slammed for ‘Racist’ Campaign Billboard


A Chinese American mayoral candidate in San Francisco ignited controversy for funding a “racist” billboard that targeted the city’s incumbent African American mayor.

Ellen Lee Zhou, whose supporters have branded as the “Chinese Donald Trump,” sponsored the billboard showing a Black woman in a red dress and heels with her feet up, holding a cigarette in one hand and a stack of cash in the other.

Denver Woman Running for Mayor Didn’t Think Chinatowns are Needed, Deletes Herself From Social Media

Denver mayoral candidate Jamie Giellis deleted her social media accounts after she received some backlash over her posts about Latinos and Asians online.

The controversy began when Giellis was unable to identify the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) during an interview on the Brother Jeff Fard show last week, according to 9News.

Jane Kim Blasts SF Chronicle After Reporter Allegedly Tries to Smear Her With Biased Questions

San Francisco Mayor candidate Jane Kim, who could be the first Asian American woman to serve as mayor of the city, recently took to Medium to share poorly researched and incredibly biased interview questions from a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, one of the city’s most prestigious newspapers.

On May 2, Kim received “vague” interview questions about her background by email from the Chronicle reporter but was quick to spot how the questions were engineered to result in a biased article meant to smear her, a point Kim speculated is related to the negative attacks from her opponent, billionaire and influential Silicon Valley investor Ron Conway.

She Could Become the First Female Asian American Mayor of SF

With the unexpected death of Mayor Ed Lee, the first Asian-American and Chinese-American to hold mayoral office in San Francisco, there is now a special election to elect a new mayor this June 2018 before the end of the term in 2019. One of the candidates running is Jane Kim, a current member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. If elected, she would be “the city’s first female Asian-American mayor.” I had the chance to sit down and interview her about her experience as an Asian-American in politics, and her upcoming race for mayor.

I’m Nadya, a 19-year-old and sophomore at Harvard College, and I ran for office last year. Although I didn’t win, it was a terrifying, exhausting, unforgettable, and extremely meaningful journey, and I am celebrating that my campaign team and I made historic waves with student and youth turnout in the election. While I was running, I looked up to Jane Kim as inspiration for another woman who looked like me and ran her first race for local office when she was 26-years-old.