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College Professor Violently Assaults Female Colleague for Not Loving Her Back

A professor and chair of Art Studio at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts is facing attempted murder charges for allegedly beating her colleague of 14 years with a rock, garden shears and fire poker.

Rie Hachiyanagi, a 48-year-old art professor from South Hadley, was arrested on Dec. 24 after she broke into her colleague’s home in Leverett and assaulted her, according to Northwestern District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Mary Carey via People.

Woman Uncovers Police Embezzlement Scandal After Cop Asks Her an Allegedly Racist Question

Massachusetts state police

An Asian American driver was instrumental in exposing an overtime scandal involving officers of the Massachusetts State Police. 

Debbie recalled an incident in 2016 when she was allegedly racially profiled by an officer who had pulled her over. In an interview with the Boston Globe, she revealed that when she rolled her window down the cop screamed, “don’t you speak English?”